Sennheiser, Geert Verdict video series explores recording audio

I’m a huge fan of video tutorials, and I find the growing presence of well-written and well-produced content exciting. YouTube material shot on a budget can also provide lots of useful information, even on products that I know quite well.

On that note, Sennhesier is collaborating with Belgium-based video journalist Geert Verdict to produce a series of video tutorials aimed at video content producers who want to learn more about recording audio.

The first entry, which talks about the problems that wind introduces into field recording, is witty and easy to understand. High-end users will probably not learn anything new from this nearly nine-minute video, but those less experienced will.

Sennheiser plans to release five episodes on a bi-weekly basis. Topics include: wireless audio recording, choosing the right microphone, recording with DSLR cameras and using shotgun microphones. The company is also offering prizes; all you have to do is answer a simple question based on the content, and you could walk away with a set of HD 25-II headphones and three combinations of Sennheiser’s new MKE 600, the company’s new video shotgun microphone.