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ScheduALL exhibits collaborative consumption for satellite providers and broadcasters

At the CCW Show (Booth #715,part of SATCON 2012) ScheduALL, a provider of enterprise resource management (ERM) software, will demonstrate how its ERM application (ERMa) can automate the sharing of resources among satellite communications providers, broadcasters and media companies. While this concept of collaborative consumption is commonly associated with helping consumers share everything from cars to power tools, it can also help companies save money and generate new revenue streams.

“The digitization of content forces broadcasters to meet consumers' demands to watch that content when they want and where they want, be it on their televisions, computers, tablets and even smartphones,” said Joel Ledlow, CEO, ScheduALL. “That places enormous pressure on broadcasters to quickly book and allocate the necessary satellite bandwidth, equipment and personnel, particularly when trying to cover breaking news events or when the game goes into overtime. ERMa enables the broadcaster to immediately source and book resources both inside and outside its domain. That capability provides a significant advantage over competitors that still rely on emails, phone calls and spreadsheets to make bookings.”

Broadcasters often need to book occasional use satellite bandwidth, teleport facilities and trucks to cover live breaking news and sports events, and will turn to providers like SES, The SpaceConnection and Encompass. ScheduALL's ERMa allows a company to search, source and secure available or excess bandwidth from satellite or terrestrial transmission providers, and news groups to locate and book truck companies, teleports and other resource providers from their core ScheduALL system in real-time.

Also, if a facility finds itself at maximum capacity, it can identify other enterprise business units with the resources it needs. This ability to locate and select the best resources for each individual project accelerates workflows, increases resource utilization and maximizes project profitability and ROI.

“Typically, companies do not realize they have passive inventories they can leverage or make available to their partners,” said Ledlow. “ERMa provides a simple-to-use interface that enables companies to identify and assign passive inventories to projects, or offer them to partners to create new revenue streams.”