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Shotoku Gemini PBCS delivers remote camera operation

Shotoku Broadcast Systems featured its new Gemini Pan Bar Control System (PBCS) at IBC2012.

Gemini, aimed at sports and special event productions where cameras need to be and cameramen cannot go, offers uncompromised and easy operation for hard-to-reach sites.

Gemini brings together two of Shotoku’s products from the Robotics and Manual VR Tracking ranges to provide a remote pan-and-tilt head that is so well synchronized with the manual head that they act as one. Camera operators can work without compromise, in comfort and safety, wherever the camera needs to be.

Immediate control over the tracking speed, direction, range and ratio is provided at the touch of a button so any event can be captured close-up or telephoto, at low or high speed. Dedicated hardware tracking and a simple RS422 interconnection makes setup quick and easy and ensures reliable operation. The Gemini system can even support multiple remote heads, so a single operator can seamlessly switch between cameras to give any viewpoint on the action.