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Envivio unveils enhancements for Halo network media processor

Envivio introduced enhancements to the Envivio Halo network media processor that add support for advanced TV Anytime multi-screen services at IBC2012.

The enhancements allow operators to offer time-shifted applications, such as catch-up TV, start over and network PVR in the HTTP ABR streaming environment, bringing traditional TV applications to mobile devices. Multiple operators in Europe and North America are currently conducting lab trials of Halo’s TV Anytime functionality.

One key element now available on Halo is Personalized Index Creation (PIC), a new and advanced approach enabling dynamic asset creation in the network, including highlights creation and time-shifted TV assets. This streamlined solution uses bits of content already cached in the network to deliver a unique stream per user. By leveraging the existing caching infrastructure, PIC does not require expensive storage and processing and opens up possibilities for new personalized service offerings.