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Pacific Post to offer FotoKem nextLAB

Pacific Post in Hollywood, CA, has announced it will integrate FotoKem’s nextLAB software into its editorial offerings. The agreement allows Pacific Post to offer FotoKem’s nextLAB dailies and data management software solution with Avid editorial systems.

“The ability to bundle nextLAB-enabled systems with our existing inventory of Avid rental solutions and edit bays gives our clients an unprecedented level of efficiency,” says Pacific Post’s founder and owner Lorenzo Sgroi.

FotoKem’s nextLAB software securely stores media, archives to LTO, provides quality control tools, audio syncing, color management, and transcoding. It manages the full range of digital camera files and metadata available in the marketplace, and incorporates the Academy Color Encoding Specifications (ACES) architecture, an increasingly important capability for filmmakers.

“This partnership expands our reach within the filmmaking community and brings creative flexibility to filmmakers in new ways, supporting our ongoing efforts to be a global solutions-oriented resource in the industry,” says FotoKem VP Mike Brodersen.