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Digital TV Labs IBC 2012 Preview

Stand no: 2.C30

Digital TV Labs is the global leading provider of specialised receiver conformance and testing products, services and consultancy to manufacturers, operators and broadcasters. The company caters for terrestrial, satellite, cable and IP delivery across various worldwide geographies.


HbbTV Ligada Validator – Ensuring HbbTV application conformance is fundamental to the success of the connected TV standard. Digital TV Labs is highlighting the just-launched Ligada Validator at IBC 2012, a web-based HbbTV application testing tool that tackles the issue head-on. Ligada Validator is a static analysis product that ensures TV-targeted applications using HbbTV extensions are correctly structured and do not use HTML features that are unsupported on connected TV platforms. With many organisations now actively developing HbbTV applications, ensuring conformance to the new specification with standard web tools designed for non-TV platforms is very difficult to achieve – Validator solves that issue. Digital TV Labs is also able to further support HbbTV application developers with a complete range of products and services to ensure full interoperability with HbbTV-compliant devices including: HbbTV Application Lab; HbbTV Receiver 'Zoo'; Application Testing Service as well as Ligada HbbTV Validator.

Ligada iSuite including HbbTV v1.5 and MPEG-DASH Adaptive Streaming – IBC sees Digital TV Labs highlight the latest version of its HbbTV test harness and test suite, Ligada iSuite. Recognising the myriad of wider conformance issues facing TV operators deploying into a horizontal receiver market, the expanded Ligada iSuite includes not only an HbbTV v1.5 test suite, but also OIPF and multiple DRM test cases. Additionally, Ligada supports DASH adaptive streaming, and new HbbTV profiles, such as the French TNT2.0 platform. With elements of HbbTV v1.5 already being deployed, the latest version of Ligada iSuite is a timely response to market demands.

CI Plus v1.3 Test Tool – From August 1st 2012 version 1.3 of CI Plus – the enhanced security and content presentation system – has become mandatory for all CI Plus device registrations. Already established as the de facto standard for integrated TV sets in Europe as well as being adopted across other devices, the new standard includes a host of significant improvements: enhanced operator EPG branding using HD, use of the host’s IP connection for content delivery (IP VOD) and new capabilities to allow the CAM to tune the host to new services/bouquets. Digital TV Labs is the official LLP Approved CI Plus Test Centre and the v1.3-compatible version of its comprehensive test tool provides pre-certification test services for manufacturers with CI Plus-enabled products, and can assist operators in building CI Plus interoperability regimes.