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Ciena offers intelligent broadcast video network for competitive advantage

Today, service providers and broadcasters have many (new) ways to broadcast video. Live streaming on web and mobile devices is taking off and video is no longer bounded to coax cable. In fact, the full extent of how much our viewing habits have changed will be more fully recognized at the end of the month when the Summer Olympic Games begin.

To support this multi-point service delivery model while still delivering high quality content, broadcasters around the world have begun to recognize that the underlying network has to be highly scalable, secure, resilient and intelligent—as well as software programmable. Intelligent infrastructure technology can enable existing networks to carry multiple streams of high-bandwidth video and audio content with the highest levels of availability. This reliable, self-healing, flexible and agile, simple and secure, and most importantly, incredibly fast network technology can help broadcasters ensure a satisfactory viewing experience—no matter what type of device they’re tuning in with.

Ciena – a provider of optical and Ethernet infrastructure solutions to telco, content, cloud and cable service providers around the globe, including leading global entertainment and broadcast companies – has critical insight into how an intelligent, programmable network can underpin the successful delivery of video and data. For greater insight, and for real world success stories, visit here.