Fuji TV Builds Advanced File-Based HD Program Delivery System on Omneon Spectrum™ and MediaGrid™ Systems

Installation by Japan’s Leading Broadcaster Is First Large-Scale Implementation of Full-HD MXF File-Based Workflow Across a Terrestrial Broadcast Facility SUNNYVALE, Calif. — April 18, 2009 — Fuji Television Network (Fuji TV), Japan’s leading ...

Installation by Japan’s Leading Broadcaster Is First Large-Scale Implementation of Full-HD MXF File-Based Workflow Across a Terrestrial Broadcast Facility

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — April 18, 2009 — Fuji Television Network (Fuji TV), Japan’s leading broadcaster, is using Omneon Spectrum™ media server and MediaGrid™ active storage systems as the foundation for the first fully HD file-based infrastructure implemented by a terrestrial broadcast station. Across its Tokyo broadcast facility, Fuji TV is leveraging an advanced MXF-based workflow to support highly efficient and reliable handling of HD content as programs are sent to air.

“Program delivery is among the most critical elements of our broadcast operations, and Omneon server and storage systems offer the reliability and best-of-breed performance essential within demanding transmission workflows,” said Mr. Kenji Hayakawa, director of technical department, Broadcasting Control Center at Fuji TV. “With a wealth of expertise in building advanced IT-based media storage solutions that enhance broadcasting workflows, Omneon proved to be an ideal partner for this project.”

Japanese systems integrator SGI Japan and Toshiba, the primary integrator for the project, assisted Fuji TV in migrating to its innovative large-scale file-based program delivery model. SGI Japan supplied Fuji TV with two Spectrum media server systems for ingest and another two for preview operations. Also installed in the master control room at Fuji TV’s Media Tower, an Omneon MediaGrid system provides 171 TB of storage for 1,920 hours of HD (50-Mbps MPEG-2) content.

Fuji TV previously relied on a tape-based workflow in which elements including video, audio, and closed-caption data had to be edited, compiled, and uploaded to the playout server. By enabling a fluid file-based workflow and the rapid transfer of media across systems in the transmission chain, the Omneon systems bring much greater efficiency to program delivery operations.

In supporting preview operations, Fuji TV’s Spectrum systems accept VTR feeds and video files and provide previews for content verification. Integration of the Omneon system with Tektronix® Cerify® has allowed the broadcaster to implement a repeatable, highly automated, and cost-effective method for assessing media quality according to user-defined templates. The Spectrum systems also are equipped with Japan’s first commercial deployment of an MXF-based SMPTE 436M caption feature. Prior to playout, Fuji TV’s HD program content is stored on the MediaGrid system, which in turn is integrated with the facility’s playout system under the management of a custom control program from SGI.

“In building the innovative file-based system supporting Fuji TV’s broadcasting operation, we recognized the Omneon MediaGrid active storage system as the best platform for our technological vision,” said Mr. Jouji Akiyama, director of the Digital Asset Management Department at SGI Japan. “MediaGrid is a highly reliable storage system that is free from single points of failure, and its interoperability with third-party solutions gives us the flexibility to further integrate and streamline our program delivery workflow.”

“Migration to IT-driven file-based systems brings fundamental improvements to broadcast operations, and Fuji TV has established itself as an industry leader by implementing an integrated workflow that enables a high degree of efficiency,” said Geoff Stedman, Omneon senior vice president for products and markets. “Omneon Spectrum and MediaGrid systems support this model through smooth interoperability with other best-of-breed broadcast systems, enabling the convergence of video and IT technologies for smart delivery of HD content.”

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About Fuji Television Network

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