Accurate color and precise detail are crucial for analyzing medical imagery, as even the subtlest nuances can yield critical information in grayscale CT scans and other types of radiology. Among the many institutions scrutinizing such images on a regular basis is the University of North Carolina School of Medicine’s Department of Radiation Oncology. When this advanced research center recently sought to upgrade its video-display capabilities with new, accurate, and affordable technology, they chose two REALiS SX80 Mark II D Multimedia LCOS Projectors from Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging.

“The medical requirements for a good projector are that it provides very accurate color representation, stable images, readable small print, and very quiet operation,” noted Dr. Julian Rosenman, of the University’s department of Radiation Oncology. “On all of these aspects, we have been very pleased with the Canon REALiS SX80 Mark II D.”

“We do a lot of tumor boards and telemedicine meetings in which doctors view medical images to make treatment decisions,” Dr. Rosenman elaborated. “These images can range from color histology slides, to black & white CT scans displaying critical shades of gray, to everything in between. This is why the color accuracy of projected images is so important.”

Utilizing two ceiling-mounted Canon REALiS SX80 Mark II D Projectors, the University’s doctors and medical students display multiple sets of image data for dual-projection image comparison and analysis. The two projectors are also used for telemedicine as images displayed by the REALiS SX80 Mark II D Projectors and pictures of the doctors are captured by a video conferencing camera for live consultation with other medical professionals in distant locations.

“Dual projection is a ‘must’ for patient review and for telemedicine,” Dr. Rosenman explains. “Two different kinds of data are projected to confirm that they are compatible and correct with respect to each other. Image stability is also very important when you are comparing medical data. I don’t know how Canon does it, but the REALiS SX80 Mark II D Projectors reject the jitter and 60-cycle interference caused by the other electrical equipment we’ve got going. With these REALiS projectors you don’t see rolling bars or visible beat frequencies.”

The DICOM Simulation Mode found on the Canon REALiS SX80 Mark II D has quickly made this product popular amongst medical educators. This special mode simulates the results of a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Part 14 compliant device, which is a standardized display function for display of grayscale images. Canon’s DICOM Simulation Mode allows users to calibrate directly on the projector using 21 different levels of grayscale gradation - this is a key benefit as the purchase of additional equipment can be very costly.

The REALiS SX80 Mark II D Projector features Canon’s advanced LCOS technology which is best known for producing intricately detailed images with exceptional color reproduction. “We are very pleased with the color accuracy of the REALiS SX80 Mark II D,” Dr. Rosenman added. “It’s annoying to give a talk with a PowerPoint presentation and see that the slides on the screen don’t look the way they do on your laptop. With the REALiS projectors, however, the color fidelity is very true.”

“We’ve had experience with a lot of projectors over the years, and we’re very happy with the Canon REALiS SX80 Mark II D,” Dr. Rosenman concluded. “These are the smallest, quietest, and most stable projectors we’ve ever had. They also don’t throw off a lot of heat, which is important when you’ve got 20 people in the room.”

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