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Toronto, Ontario, Canada – August 4, 2008 … The Swedish production company Prisma OB is a premium league player in the field of mobile broadcasting. It is not just the fact that the company was at almost every mega-event in recent years, but forthcoming TV highlights will also see these Scandinavian experts ready for the action to begin. Thus, the Beijing Games will also — amongst others — be broadcast by Prisma OB, thanks to Lawo audio technology.

A reference for OB vans

In order to be best equipped for the forthcoming challenges, the Swedish company decided to build a top-level HDTV OB van. The basic figures alone hint at the capacity that is available: at 17.5 meters long and 5.4 meters wide, the mobile studio provides work space for 32 vision mixers and two sound engineers, making the HD-1 one of the largest OB vans in Europe.

The high-performance Lawo mixing console

It is not just the sheer size of the HD-1 that is impressive, but also its innovative technology. This is why a 5.1 surround-capable mixing console, that has become the new standard in OB van construction, was installed — the Lawo mc²66. The features of this console are also impressive: 2,100 inputs and outputs for the central router, a console control surface with 48+8 faders and over 300 DSP channels, as well as I/O with 80 HD SDI embedders and de-embedders. In addition, the mobile stage boxes are connected redundantly to the OB van, providing 32 remotely located mic inputs, 16 digital I/Os, and 16 GPIs. With this first-class technology, Prisma OB will also be able to deliver a top-level performance in the future — what with world-class sport in Beijing, as well as with other planned TV highlights.

About Lawo

Lawo is a manufacturer of digital audio networking systems and consoles for a wide range of applications from small to large scale audio production in television and radio, post production, and live sound. Established in the 1970s, the company’s manufacturing center is located in the Rhine valley town of Rastatt, Germany. For additional information on Lawo’s mc²66 console and all Lawo products, visit the company online at