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Cyber International Technology Launches the Tivia™ Fully Integrated, Multifunction Television and Home Computing Platform

Breakthrough Technology Delivers Any Home Entertainment, Communication, and Media Need From a Single Platform

TRUMBULL, Conn. — April 6, 2010 — Cyber International Technology Corporation (CIT) announced today the launch of the Tivia™ System, the company's groundbreaking, home-media platform that combines the convenience of television programming, video-on-demand, personal computing, advanced advertising and shopping, voice-over-IP telephone, video conferencing, e-mail, and more. The company will be exhibiting the Tivia System, along with a host of peripheral devices, at the 2010 NAB Show in the LVCC South Upper Hall at booth SU8013.

The Tivia System leverages cutting-edge technology and ingenious design to power the platform's multifunctional capabilities that eliminate the need for expensive combinations of disparate and incompatible home media, telecommunication, and computer devices and systems. This all-in-one platform is capable of fully managing the acquisition and distribution of all types of media, including digital content, data, and communications. The Tivia System enables any home user to achieve a true "smart home" environment or a multichannel distribution network to serve users in any commercial environment, such as office, institutional, or hospitality settings, offering feature-sets and applications never before available in a single platform.

Powered by CIT's proprietary TUO® partitioned operating system, Tivia includes an unparalleled collection of capabilities: international and local digital HDTV reception; a full-function personal computer; voice-over-IP telephone; video conferencing via an integrated, high-performance HD camera; DVD/CD player and burner; video-on-demand with CIT's exclusive anti-piracy protection; digital internet and satellite radio; music downloads; games; web browsing; e-mail; interactive and highly advanced advertising and shopping capabilities and more.

"The CIT engineering team and I have been working on this platform for more than a decade," says Enzo Stancato, founder and chief executive officer of CIT. "Before the Internet was more than a fad, I was a true believer in IP technology and the idea that it would someday be the conduit for all information into the home, office, or on the go. I believe that day has arrived. The Tivia™ System is a unique and powerful platform that will enable all users to achieve unprecedented access to information, entertainment, and other media from anywhere. The platform is also an attractive option for companies already providing Internet access to homes, businesses, hotels, or public spaces, expanding their business and revenue models by offering value-added services while earning higher levels of customer loyalty."

The Tivia System leverages a collection of proprietary technologies in order to deliver the impressive array of functions in a single platform:

TUO Operating System

The heart of the Tivia software is the proprietary operating system, known as TUO. Depending on the model, TUO allows for unprecedented scalability by using two independent partitions or separate operating hard-disk drives — one for the media delivery service and the other for the personal computer — without any interference or resource sharing between them. TUO ensures the high-quality, highly-reliable operation of all the media and interactive applications, and allows for the simultaneous operation of multiple applications, such as TV, web browsing, telephone, and computer by one or more users. This dual platform also prevents potential corruption of one hard-disk drive or partition from the other so that the TV and electronics cannot be affected by any external intrusion.

The Tivia Flex Router

The Tivia Flex Router is a proprietary, multisignal, interactive receiver/modem and router capable of simultaneously receiving multiple broadband signals, such as satellite, digital terrestrial, cable, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max. It's also capable of processing signals at bandwidth capacities that far exceed those of systems currently available. The Flex Router packs, decodes, and delivers digital content via Wi-Fi to the Tivia home media devices, automatically selecting the strongest and most reliable signal from among those available, as needed to guarantee the best uninterrupted broadband signal possible. The Flex Router eliminates the need for wiring or cabling to and within any structure and selectively ensures that minimum bandwidth requirements are met and maintained for all users in the home. The Flex Router also operates with an internal backup power source in the event the external power supply is interrupted.

The Tivia Flex Router helps any cable, telecommunications, or satellite company to inexpensively expand its footprint by reducing burdensome infrastructure costs, such as wiring or cabling, and providing options to constraints like the "last mile," location, signal remoteness, or terrain obstacles that have prevented expansion of their business operations in the past.

Tivia Digital Rights Management (DRM)

The Tivia video-on-demand application is designed to guarantee a safe and simple ordering and payment process for digital content requested by Tivia users anywhere. Developed by the CIT engineers, the Tivia DRM ensures that on-demand digital content is provided with the highest level of privacy and content protection while also affording a mechanism for the collection of valuable, anonymous demographic and viewing behavior information from on-demand users.

The CIT management servers and the proprietary Tivia software and hardware devices enable the DRM system to manage and facilitate the fulfillment of on-demand content requests while giving the content provider complete control over the distribution of its copyrighted material. Via a carefully crafted process that's seamless to the Tivia System user, the one-of-a-kind DRM process uses software keys that enable content owners to govern the final release of digital content only after the Tivia user and IP address are verified and the content distributor (cable, satellite, or telecom) is identified. The digital content is stored on the content owner's dedicated server in an encrypted format and is decrypted in real time only when it is received by the user and is ready to be viewed.

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About CIT

Cyber International Technology Corporation is changing the rules of the game in the home entertainment, telecom, and computing industries. The company develops easy-to-use, highly-advanced, multifunctional devices that combine the power of telecommunications, personal computing, and interactive multimedia into a single structure and platform. The company's devices are capable of delivering all types of media content via an Internet, digital terrestrial, satellite, or cable connection. The revolutionary Tivia™ System enables the delivery of any digital content anywhere at any time on any TV, monitor, or mobile device.