Don’t yell at this Las Vegas cop

Arrived late Friday afternoon because I wanted to attend sessions on Saturday morning. That is the only time I have for sessions because of press conferences and other vendor conflicts, which begin on Saturday afternoon.

Shortly after arriving I decided to go running (okay less running and more jogging these days). Anyway about 6pm and about half way into my run, I was just stepping off the curb, with the crosswalk sign saying it was okay to proceed, when out of the corner of my eye I caught glimpse of a police car racing towards me. It immediately crossed the intersection against the light and traffic with no siren. Nor did it slow down.

As the officer whizzed pass at about 40mph, I yelled, “Where’s your siren.” I then continued my run, crossing the street with the light.

I hadn’t gone more than 100 ft when I heard the siren of a police car immediately behind me. I stopped, and watched as a clearly an out-of-control cop sprang from the vehicle, shoved me against the police car and began roughly frisking me. His actions were so violent he knocked his own keys from his belt during the process.

I was then treated to a diatribe about how unappreciated he was. “I’m risking my life for you people and you think you have the right to tell me what my procedure manual says.” This went on for a couple of minutes. Oh, by the way, did I mention, he claimed to be on the way to an “emergency”? If so, why did he had time to accost me? If he’s telling the truth, then perhaps his actions in confronting me also put someone else at risk.

After he finally finished shouting, I asked for his business card, “I don’t have one”, he replied. I then asked that he write down his name and badge number on a piece of paper. He refused. He did give me a name an number, but who knows if its real or not.

Bottom line. At this NAB, don’t yell at cops. At least one of Las Vegas’ finest has serious anger management problems and appears out of control. If this guy stops you, the outcome could be dreadful. I’d hate to loose a reader.