Echolab TAB 2008 Product Preview

Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB) 2008 Preview


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Echolab, Inc. is a leading provider of video production switchers and tools that offer flexibility and on-air reliability for the production and distribution of digital media in a variety of formats. The company's products include the Overture1™ and Overture2™ video production systems, MultiPlayMD™ multichannel instant-replay system, MegaKeyMD™ clip player/mixer/keyer, and Conductor™ control integration system, all of which provide functionality and ease of use critical to professional-quality production. Echolab is online at

Existing Products Being Highlighted at TAB 2008:

At TAB 2008, Echolab will showcase a range of exciting products for the production of sports, news, and live events. These unique tools bring users unprecedented live production capabilities while simplifying operation and system design.

Overture1™ and Overture2™ SD — The Overture1 (1-M/E) and Overture2 (2-M/E) SD video production switchers provide a comprehensive range of production tools, putting creative power at operators' fingertips through a sleek ergonomic design and intuitive interfaces. An innovative series of advanced transition functions incorporated into the Overture systems enables a smooth next-transition workflow and simplifies switching of sophisticated and dynamic productions.

Overture systems offer robust DVE capabilities with warp and lighting effects, complemented by internal frame synchronization that helps to ensure the quality of effects. The switchers' Stinger™ transition, a special "take block" keyer with combined mix/wipe and graphic control, reduces complex animated transitions to a single button press. The Overture series' SuperSource™ feature is a precomposited input that allows operators to build a custom layout using DVEs and graphics and then assign that layered composition to a crosspoint button. Because SuperSource includes three of its own keyers, upstream and downstream keyers remain available for adding lower thirds, tickers, and other elements.

Overture1 and Overture2 include user-definable graphic macro keys. Overture2 boasts 10 macro buttons that can be programmed to execute any task, as well as user-customizable RGB mnemonics, typically an expensive switcher option for other systems. Overture switchers accept up to 32 analog and digital signals and provide as many as 16 outputs.

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Conductor™ — Echolab's Conductor™ control integration system is a touch-screen computer that automates complex tasks and program elements to support fast, accurate, and creative production of the best programs possible. Internal software tools offer the operator total confidence while on air. During preproduction, Conductor allows the operator to configure the switcher, create complex sequences, and assign functions such as M/E presets to soft buttons. While on-air, Conductor is an extension of the control panel — a touch-screen interface with soft buttons that can execute sequences, recall M/E presets, and control third-party devices. In some applications, Conductor may be used to replace a dedicated still store.


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