Crystal Vision exhibits at Broadcast Video Expo 2010 (Stand D64)

Crystal Vision will be showing its new generation of embedders, synchronizers, down converters and switches, and unveiling the exciting new features of its Picturestore product range on Stand D64 at the UK’s broadcast exhibition, Broadcast Video Expo 2010 which takes place at Earls Court 2 in London between 16th and 18th February.

Having made its UK show debut at the 2009 Broadcast Video Expo, Crystal Vision’s Picturestore range now boasts new features on the MultiLogo logo keyer and Clip N Key clip and sting store. The first for both the MultiLogo and Clip N Key is easy trimming of recorded video clips, making it easier to transfer a clip and key from a tape. This can be particularly useful for Outside Broadcast and studio applications where clips and keys are often supplied on tape, and it also allows flexible use of any clip that has not been prepared for computer download. The additional features for MultiLogo are text labeling of presets, designed to make manual operation of the logo keyer easier, and the introduction of enhanced GPI functionality which facilitates the inclusion of complicated effects from any mixer or automation system. MultiLogo and Clip N Key are both available in four versions, offering either a 4 GB or 8 GB video store and varying numbers of inputs.

Crystal Vision is introducing its 3G fiber optic transmitter FTX 3G and receiver FRX 3G which have been designed to transmit 3Gb/s, HD or SD signals over large distances in a robust, reliable and space-saving way. Both boards are dual channel, saving rack space by allowing up to 48 channels of fiber in a 4RU frame – and they are available early 2010 at the exact same price as their previous HD versions.

Also taking center stage will be the acclaimed Q-Down Mini broadcast down converter, Crystal Vision’s first minibox which is designed to attach to the back of a monitor and provide down converted feeds. This compact product (6.5 x 3 x 1 inches) offers a short processing delay of just 16 lines and a high level of conversion quality – and is likely to be one of the company’s most popular new products for the year ahead.

Crystal Vision’s new uniquely-featured 3G HD product range illustrates how Crystal Vision is leading the way with its 3Gb/s technology, and the competitive pricing makes the products suitable for use in 3G, HD and SD systems. TANDEM 3G is the first single board solution providing a combined embedder and de-embedder for four groups of audio, and is ideal for applications requiring both embedding and de-embedding at the same time. It features eight bi-directional digital audio inputs and outputs on the board, while the powerful 32 x 32 audio router allows full shuffling and overwriting of the mono channels between all four groups. TANDEM 3G also includes audio processing and extensive Dolby E handling, including Dolby E positioning and a switchable one frame video delay to match Dolby E delays.

SYNNER-E 3G is a video synchronizer, tracking audio delay, embedder, de-embedder, audio processor and video proc-amp on one 4 x 10.5 inches board, and will simplify system designs for those working with 3Gb/s, HD or SD sources in AES or Dolby E environments. Its synchronizng features include full horizontal and vertical timing adjustment, cross-locking, three point synchronizing and fast locking after an upstream switch to avoid picture disturbance. With bi-directional digital audio inputs and outputs on the board, up to eight channels of external AES or Dolby E can be embedded or de-embedded in any combination, while flexible audio routing comes from a 32 x 32 router which allows the shuffling and overwriting of any channels. The special Dolby E features include the ability to synchronize video which contains a mixture of Dolby E and standard AES within the same audio group, while the video and standard audio can both be delayed to compensate for Dolby E delays and a selectable one field video delay can be used to correctly align the Dolby E data with the video frame.

Also on show at Broadcast Video Expo will be Crystal Vision's 3G HD modular switching range of products including the Smart Switch 3G. Providing intelligent 2 x 2 switching to a backup signal source by monitoring two 3Gb/s, HD or SDI video inputs with up to four groups of embedded audio and switching between the sources if a specified fault condition arises, it also includes relay bypass protection. Smart Switch 3G has been designed to extract information about various parts of the video signal to decide which of the two inputs is better, based on a user selection of which parameters are significant.

Other Crystal Vision products available to Broadcast Video Expo visitors include the ever-popular Safire HD 2 chroma keyer – providing High Definition chroma keying of an outstanding quality.

Based at Whittlesford near Cambridge in the UK, Crystal Vision provides digital keyers, picture storage modules and a full range of digital and analogue interface equipment including converters, synchronizers, distribution amplifiers and audio embedders to the professional broadcasting industry worldwide.