Nash Dom TV Goes Live With VectorBox

Private Russian Broadcaster builds master control room around VectorBox automated playout solutions.

Barcelona, Spain – February 4, 2010 – Vector 3™, a pioneer in graphics and playout solutions, announced that Nash Dom TV (Our House), a private broadcaster for the Penza Oblast region, has implemented multiple VectorBox automated playout systems to manage multi-channel ingest, broadcast graphics, and playout automation. The new tapeless workflow supports 24/7 programming with a mix of live and pre-recorded shows broadcast over traditional and web channels. "Vector offered Nash Dom a tapeless solution with extensive capabilities for managing ingest, broadcast graphics, and playout wrapped into one scalable system. This limited the complexity of building the new master control room without sacrificing reliability. It also reduced the overhead for purchasing and maintaining multiple products," comments, Mr. Dmitry Dubina, Technical Director, Nash Dom TV. "We are incredibly pleased with the Vector system's abilities and performance."

The VectorBox workflow features two VectorBox DSX systems, a Harris Panacea Switcher, and a group of Matrox powered non-linear editing systems. One VectorBox system manages playout of the main channel, while the second system distributes content to the secondary channel as well as managing ingest from several wires. The Vector 3 technology also incorporates a redundant architecture, ensuring failsafe operations 24 hours a day.

VectorBox is the original all-in-one playout solution, with built-in automation, video server and Character Generator (CG). Like the all VectorBox models, the DSX system offers master control automation, giving operators the power to manage every transmission function in the channel; from ingest and playout of content from disk, live, VTR and satellite, to channel branding, file and redundancy management. File format conversions are fully automated, guaranteeing file-based workflows with any standard production and asset management system. "VectorBox DSX is designed to provide a wide range of functions for the master control room. The entry-level system allows broadcasters to build an economical tapeless playout workflow with a clear path to upgrade as their programming grows. This is a sound approach for investing and providing a path for future options," comments Roman Ceano, general manager, Vector 3.

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About Vector 3

The Vector 3 team commands over 25 years of experience in developing leading graphics and playout solutions for broadcast. Boasting an impressive client list of over 900 broadcasters worldwide, their legendary flagship solution VectorBox is a world-renowned playout solution known for its unparallel reliability, tremendous scalability and outstanding performance.

Since its launch in the mid 1980's, Vector has focused its research and development on the broadcast industry. Their exceptional real-time graphics and total playout solutions ensure master control room systems work in concert and with maximum flexibility. The result is a perfectly timed playout with stunning image quality and station branding.

The range of Vector solutions and applications serves stations from the small one channel station to the multi-site, multi-channel broadcaster. For more information, please visit

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