New Dimension of SD-/HD-SDI Analysis with Dimetis Software

Dimetis BOSS STREAM Viewer®, a software-based multiviewer for monitoring and analysis of video streams, is extended by a variety of additional functions.

Once different hardware-devices were necessary – an intelligent software today is capable of decoding, analyzing and monitoring video- and audio files with one device for production and return signal.

This is a further development in analogue video standards that at Dimetis meet the requirements of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

The BOSS STREAM Viewer® combines SD-/HD-SDI and ASI transport streams and is configurable via the Web-GUI. WSS (Wide Screen Signalling) or AFD (Active Format Description) detects the aspect ratio and adapts the view accordingly.

Each of the integrated audio channels can be extracted, up to eight monitored. Additional features: connection to the SNMP management, scalability and a configurable error detection. Analysis includes video freeze and - black, audio silence, - overload and - constant, as well as signal loss and no data. Additionally, QoS and DVB subtitles for ASI streams. The next stage involves the extension for Dolby standards, to offer trendsetting solutions for the broadcast industry.

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Dimetis is the IP Broadcast Leader, providing standard-based Operational Support Systems (OSS) for telecommunication and broadcast industry. Our software solutions manage most of the public broadcast TV in D-A-CH on the distribution side. For more information, please visit:

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