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"Big Brother is Listening to You..." With RTS Digital Matrices

Straubing, Germany Though the popular and controversial European TV show “Big Brother” might be in questionable taste, one thing is certain: eavesdropping has been elevated to an art form with the show’s use of the RTS ADAM Digital Matrix. From beginning to end of the Big Brother production marathons, RTS equipment is ensuring flawless communication… at least, from a technical point of view!

Few TV series in recent years have got people so worked up - and entire nations glued to the screen - as 'Big Brother', and few series have enjoyed quite the same success internationally, as home-grown versions of the show have sprouted in countries all over the world. Big Brother was the harbinger of the current worldwide 'reality TV' boom, the same phenomenal ratings have been duplicated in numerous other European and American versions of the show. Love it or loathe it, you have to admit that on a technical level, the production is first rate.

With multiple camera units positioned all round the set and much of the material being broadcast live, a large production team working flat-out is needed to film, record, edit and broadcast the drama. All this requires a high level of behind-the-scenes coordination. To provide a smooth and reliable solution to the complex communications logistics, production teams in Germany, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Holland, Norway and Bahrain have all opted for broadcast and communications tools from RTS. Manuel Brico, Product Manager RTS & Telex EMEA, knows the reason: "Representing leading companies in the broadcast sector, the Big Brother production teams had no desire to take risks. The locations are equipped with RTS ADAM-CSmatrices with between 32 x 32 and 56 x 56 ports. Depending upon the size of the production and the topology of the location, between 15 and 20 speaker stations are in use per control room." In addition to the matrices, the Big Brother sets are also equipped with a wide range of RTS peripherals and accessories, such as the UIO-256, PAP-32, and LCP-102. Brico explained: "We offered each of the companies a tailor-made solution covering all their requirements." With excellent communications guaranteed (if only behind the scenes!), Big Brother's producers have ensured that the only real quarreling goes on in front of the cameras.

Just like its "big brother" ADAM-CS comes standard with redundant power supplies, controllers and all of the features of the full ADAM. Providing up to 64 ports in just 5RU of space, ADAM-CS provides a cost effective solution, where space is critical, and reliability and performance can NOT be compromised.

RTS ADAM, ADAM-CS and ZeusIntercom matrices are all feature and accessory compatible members of the RTS Digital Matrix Intercom family. The matrices all feature Windows based configuration software (AZedit) with full support for party-lines, IFBs, ISOs, GPI, intelligent telephone hybrids, and external interfaces. All systems feature RTS' exclusive UPL (User Programmable Language) which permits the user to configure via software the widest possible variety of custom features. Pull down menus allow easy test and control of all manner of GPIs, intercom keys, audio levels, and file configurations. RTS offers the widest variety of keypanels, system interfaces, and communications options available in the industry. With over 30 different models of keypanels and hundreds of accessory items RTS has exactly what you need to create your communications system.

RTS matrices, keypanels and accessories are fully backward compatible with the previous generations of the product, reflecting RTS' commitment to the long term needs of our customers.

The LCP-102 combines the features of an Analog Trim Panel, a Camera Delegate Panel, and a Program Assign Panel in a single frame. You can easily switch between its three panel modes and make rapid configuration changes using the menu selector on the front panel. In each mode you can make up to 64 assignments and then adjust the levels for those assignments.

Provides 16 GPI inputs and outputs which can be programmed from AZedit to control virtually any intercom function, or to activate any external function based on a wide range of programmable parameters. Inputs are opto-isolated logic levels, outputs are DPDT relays. Up to 16 UIO-256 units can be connected to a single matrix, providing over 250 logic inputs and outputs. Front panel LEDs indicate real-time status of all inputs and outputs.

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