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Microwave Service Company Launches Line Of Block Down Converters

HAVERHILL, MA – Microwave Service Company, part of The Vitec Group's RF Extreme business unit and a leading international microwave equipment service facility and supplier, announces the launch of its Block Down Converters line. Available in the 2.0-2.7 GHz band as well as the UHF bands (450-850 MHz), Microwave Service Company's block down converters are designed to convert digital COFDM and analog transmissions to their respective signal range.

"We spent years developing our down converter line to the performance level standards that make it a real standout for today's user," says RF Extreme President Stephen Shpock. "Our down converters provide the performance and capability that broadcasters and government users need in today's rapidly evolving RF environments. The down converters offer great flexibility for the user to be able to change bands quickly depending on their needs and equipment setup for various field applications."

Microwave Service Company's 5/6/7 GHz block down converter is a single conversion BDC with low phase noise and high linearity. Its front end features an LNA and ceramic filter that delivers a 3.5db noise figure with a minimum conversion gain of 24db.

The UHF model also delivers a 3.5db noise figure with an overall typical conversion gain of 24db. DC power can be supplied locally or remotely via the coax to the IF output to both versions.

Microwave Service Company's down converters are focused on bringing the highest level of performance, the most rugged all-weather design combined in an efficient package that delivers real flexibility and real value to the broadcaster, government user or to those looking for an OEM source for down converters.

Designed for maximum protection of its block down converters, Microwave Service Company is also unveiling its weather-proof enclosures. "When developing products, we always try to keep the end user in mind and how they are going to place the product in the field," adds Shpock. "We heard back from our customers that all-weather performance was key. Down converters live outside in some of the harshest environments and need to be prepared to deal with extreme temperatures and inclement weather. Our weather-proof design specifically focuses on an enclosure that includes an O-ring to prevent moisture from intruding and is made up of a very rugged aluminum housing."

Microwave Service Company's down converters are also energy efficient. The new line of down converters, whether they be 2.0 Ghz or 5.8 Ghz draw 160 mA or less making them very efficient in operation.

Microwave Service Company's 2 Ghz unit has an output impedance of 50 Ohm while the UHF converter has an output impedance of 75 Ohm. All versions are RoHs compliant.