Hello Again

This is my first column in Television Broadcast, but by no means the first column or article I’ve contributed while working in this industry. Many of you know me from other publications, including our sister magazines Videography and Digital Cinematography.

Over the years I’ve covered the film and video arena, writing about subjects ranging from technology to programming, from distribution to postproduction. For those who remember, I was once editor of B/ME, and now I’m thrilled to be covering broadcasting once again during what is arguably the most exciting and challenging time in its history.

The transition to digital transmission is barely 18 months away, the demand for high-def sets is finally reaching critical mass as stations and networks scramble to meet it, and new content distribution platforms such as mobile and broadband are spreading like wildfire. Broadcasters are being pulled right and left by new opportunities, but must embrace them with limited budgets and resources.

As we move forward, TVB will cover these and other issues, serving as a sounding board for the industry’s concerns and a beacon into its future. But first I want to acknowledge some of the people here at TVB.

I now find myself reunited with Mark Schubin, whom I’ve known since the 70’s, when he agreed to contribute a column for Videography, a magazine I helped start. He wrote it under my watch for five years, and continued long after I left, never skipping a beat in over three decades.

I’m also happy to be working with Neal Weinstock, who writes the It’s In the Details column, and whom I’ve known almost as long as Mark. And I’m delighted to now also work with writers like Joseph Maar, James Careless and Ned Soltz, who have stories in this issue.

And thanks to those who have edited this publication before me—especially my immediate predecessor Michael Silbergleid and, before him, Michael Grotticelli, for maintaining TVB’s high journalistic standards. The former has now joined the marketing side of the business but will continue to write for TVB, starting with his article on channel branding in the digital era (page 26).

Thanks as well to Rob Farren, TVB’s managing editor, who provides a much needed element of continuity. And hats off to Mark Pescatore, who edited three issues of this magazine between Mike Silbergleid’s departure and my arrival. He did so in the months leading up to NAB while also doing his day job as editor of our sister publication Government Video. How he did so is beyond me (maybe he didn’t sleep), but he accomplished it with flying colors, and I’m honored to be taking the reins from him.

Peter Caranicas, the editor-in-chief of Television Broadcast, can be reached at pcaranicas@nbmedia.com.