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NAB Show 2012: VimBiz Rentals Bridges Gap Between Engineering and Scheduling

Vimsoft will showcase the latest efficiency-boosting broadcast rentals tools at NAB Show 2012 booth #N5035. Rentals operations in broadcasting are a unique blend of planned and unplanned events ranging from simple to complex. The VimBiz Rentals solution enables managers to efficiently accommodate the spontaneous drop-in, the online booking request, and the large live event with extensive preparation, multiple check-outs and check-ins, and cost tracking of multiple assets, kits, parts, and consumable items. Conflict-resolution tools ensure availability rules are respected, substitutions are triggered where appropriate, and the need for transfers, sub-rentals, or purchases are highlighted. Late returns are flagged, as are potentially affected rentals. Automatic notifications ensure the right people are kept aware of relevant rental information. Usage analysis and powerful reports enable better decisions and indicate optimal inventory levels. Additional visibility and efficiencies are provided via tight integration with VimBiz Engineering and VimBiz Scheduling solutions. VimBiz represents the broadcasting industry’s only truly integrated Engineering & Operations solution, and VimBiz Rentals forms a powerful bridge between these areas.

Key VimBiz Rentals advantages and functionalities include:

• Common database for assets, parts, and consumables

• Kit management

• Instant check-out and check-in verification

• Automatic notifications

• Powerful cost-tracking and reporting

• Customer and invoice management

• Late-return flags

• Conflict-resolution tools

• Service status visibility

• Tight integration with production projects

“Vimsoft customers use VimBiz Rentals in very diverse settings,” noted Vimsoft President Mitch Manuel, who added, “Outside Broadcast companies rely on it to organize major live events. Military broadcasters use it to assemble and track kits and crates. Educational institutions count on it to make student rental bookings more efficient. Major public broadcasters depend on it to more effectively manage their technical stores. Key to this diversity is the configurability of VimBiz, and the realization among Vimsoft customers that there are large ROI and efficiency benefits of performing rental operations in the same database that houses all their assets, parts, service histories, employees, customers, facilities, and production projects. Only VimBiz can effectively coordinate all this.”

To check out the VimBiz suite go to, register / log in, and download the latest VimBiz trial version, free for 90 days. Visit Vimsoft in booth #N5035 at NAB Show 2012 in Las Vegas.

About Vimsoft

Vimsoft is a leading provider of versatile information management solutions for the broadcasting and media production industry. The company’s VimBiz software is the best-of-breed Broadcast Resource Management solution suite that streamlines workflows for production planners, service coordinators, maintenance engineers, IT help desks, stockroom managers, rentals agents, purchasing departments, and more. From the single-studio operation to the multi-region enterprise, VimBiz maximizes ROI for critical assets and processes. VimBiz is available in Rich (thick), Web (thin), and Mobile platforms, and is the only broadcasting-focused software application that effectively integrates Engineering workflows such as asset and service management with Operations workflows such as rentals and production scheduling. To learn more please visit To download Vimsoft and VimBiz logos please contact and request a logo pack.