Broadcasters Stake Out Mobile TV Territory With OmniBus iTX

DENVER -- April 14, 2008 -- OmniBus Systems, the award-winning provider of comprehensive broadcast automation and content management solutions, has seen a significant uptake of its iTX automation and playout system among broadcasters expanding into mobile TV and IPTV service provision.

Major broadcasters in the U.S. are launching services cost-effectively to the mobile sector by using iTX to integrate their mobile offering with existing schedules, with iTX adding branding and crafting elements for the mobile stream before it is encoded for transmission.

“The business models for IPTV and mobile TV services are still developing and broadcasters are experimenting with their product, but it‘s important for them to stake out their ground while the market is still taking shape,” said Tim Mendoza, executive vice president of OmniBus Systems. “Early mobile services were characterized by poor-quality splicing of highly compressed streams and a low-quality feel, but iTX offers the twin advantages of allowing broadcasters to set up these services quickly and with a lower investment, while delivering a higher quality crafted channel identity with the strong branding essential to business development.”

By combining the benefits of crafted transmission and quality channel branding with the lower cost and simplified operation of an IT-based solution, OmniBus iTX provides the leading solution for emerging media applications. An iTX transmission stream can include video/audio transitions, logo insertions, voice-overs, and 2-D DVE moves for squeeze-and-tease effects. The entire content management, production and transmission process for multiple channels can be managed from a few standard PC desktops.

iTX is format independent and bit rate agnostic, allowing broadcasters to mix both media formats and resolutions in the same schedule. Compressed video files such as MPEG2, MPEG4 (H.264), DV25/50 and Windows® Media -- as well as wrapped formats such as MXF and QuickTime® -- are all supported in their native form and decoded by iTX during transmission. Broadcast HD, SD and lower bit rates can be mixed within a single schedule and are automatically up or down converted by iTX. Live sources can be scheduled, mixed and branded along with recorded content.

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