Sonnet Introduces Qio(TM) MR Professional Media Reader for PC Users

Award-Winning System Installs in PC Mobile Rack, Now Windows(R)-Compatible

IRVINE, Calif. -- Sept. 10, 2010 -- Sonnet Technologies today announced the latest addition to its Qio(TM) line of professional universal media reader/writers: the Qio MR. For PC users, Qio MR is the industry's first device to combine a card reader that supports all the major HD video memory card formats in one compact, mobile rack-mounted unit, providing a convenient and high-speed alternative to stand-alone card readers and various adapters.

The Sonnet Qio MR supports the industry's foremost HD video memory card formats, including Sony(R) SxS(TM), CompactFlash(R), Panasonic P2, and SDXC(TM) (with included SDXC adaptor), with two slots for each (SDXC shared with SxS) and the ability to transfer data from all cards concurrently. Users can copy files between any cards, the computer's hard drive, or attached drives with aggregate bandwidth of up to 200 MB/sec. Designed for in-studio use, the compact Qio MR takes up one standard 5.25-inch mobile rack in desktops and tower PC cases, and it uses one PCIe x1 slot.

The Qio MR connects to a PC through an included PCIe interface adapter card. Qio MR extends the computer's 2.5 Gbps PCIe bus outside the expansion bay, effectively adding expansion slots to the front of the PC and making it easy for users to swap out adapter cards without having to open the computer's case. The unit's SxS and P2 slots also accept ExpressCard/34 adapters and CardBus cards, respectively.

"For desktop PC users, Qio MR provides all the capabilities and advantages of the original Qio Mac(R) that users have come to appreciate in an easy-to-install, Windows(R)-compatible package," said Robert Farnsworth, CEO of Sonnet Technologies. "Studios utilizing multiple cameras and card formats will immediately benefit from a more efficient workflow, using this product to read the various cards while gaining the ability to swap out adapter cards without opening the computer. With a PCIe interface for speedy data transfers, backups are faster and efficiency is dramatically improved."

The Qio MR is compatible with Windows 7, Vista(R), and Server(R) 2008. In addition, Windows 7 and Vista compatibility will be available for all Qio units via driver download on Sonnet's website ( on the release date of Qio MR. The Qio MR will be available in November, with an included Sonnet SDXC memory card reader, at a suggested retail price of $999.

More information about Sonnet Qio MR universal digital video media reader and Sonnet's other products is available at

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