Excellent Flexibility and Superior Transmission Over Long Distances

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, OCTOBER 8, 2008 — Gepco International Inc., an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality professional audio and video cables featured its complete line of GEP-FLEX multi-pair audio cables at AES 2008. Gepco’s original and flagship product, GEP-FLEX multi-pair has garnered a reputation for its low noise, durability and easy-to-terminate characteristics.

Flexible and UL rated for permanent installation, GEP-FLEX is available in two, four, six, eight, 12, 16, 20, 26 or 32 pair versions. Each pair is individually shielded and jacketed for low crosstalk and exceptional noise rejection. In addition, GEP-FLEX multi-pair cables feature an overall shield for increased RF/EMI protection. GEP-FLEX multi-pair is also easy to install with alphanumerically printed and color-coded pairs, bonded foil shields, easy-to-strip compounds, and tinned copper conductors.

“GEP-FLEX multi-pair cable is Gepco’s signature product line designed for both its sonic performance and installer-friendly features,” says Scott Fehl, Gepco’s product development and marketing manager. “Through continual innovations and improvements to the product line, it has remained the premier multi-pair cable.”

Gepco International, Inc., with headquarters in Des Plaines, IL, and branch locations in Burbank, CA and Chestnut Ridge, NY, has been a leading provider of studio and broadcast audio and video cables for 27 years. The company also specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies, panels, patch bay harnesses and breakout boxes. In addition, Gepco stocks and distributes connectors, patchbays and other cable-related products. For more information, visit the Gepco website at