Small Tree to Reveal GraniteSTOR ST-RAID II at NAB 2011

At NAB 2011, Small Tree will unveil the first Ethernet-based shared storage system to support 6Gb SAS/SATA protocol end-to-end with the introduction of GraniteSTOR ST-RAID II (Booth SL10505).

As with its original ST-RAID system, Small Tree’s ST-RAID II includes direct attached shared storage technology designed specifically for Final Cut post-production professionals looking for economical, functional and easy to manage storage solutions.

“ST-RAID II was the logical evolution to our original shared storage system,” said Corky Seeber, president of Small Tree. “We’ve received a lot of interest from mid-size to larger post-production facilities looking for an Ethernet-based shared storage solution that would provide the performance of Fibre Channel without the budget-crippling cost.”

Providing robust (greater than 600MB/sec), consistent performance over Ethernet networks while offering optimal cost-efficiency, ST-RAID II’s low latency ensures there are no dropped frames in SD or HD. Available in 8-, 12- or 16-drive (1, 2 or 3TB drive) configurations, ST-RAID II produces higher video stream counts and storage capacity, as well as a more robust performance at a similar price point to its popular ST-RAID solution. ST-RAID II also offers tremendous flexibility, as more storage can be added easily for system expansion.

Bob Zelin, a well-respected independent video engineer who has worked extensively with Small Tree’s original GraniteSTOR solution, looks forward to seeing ST-RAID II at NAB. “The ability of the GraniteSTOR system running 6Gb SAS/SATA should make it faster than any other competing product,” Zelin said. “Small Tree’s 6Gb RAID array in a 16-bay configuration should provide data rates up to 1600MB/sec, which is a data rate never before attainable.”

Small Tree will showcase ST-RAID II at NAB 2011 in April. The product is expected to be ready for market by Q2.

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