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Buzz from the BE-Roll

The BE-Roll is a collection of industry blogs gathered up by Broadcast Engineering and put in one spot for your convenience. On the BE-Roll, we've got news directors, photogs, editors and critics talking about their jobs, challenges in the industry and their lives.

Right now, one topic coming up a lot is NAB. For example:

Viewfinder BLUES posted "Countdown to Vegas"

It‘s Monday night and, besides plowing through Neil Young‘s exhaustive biography, I ain‘t doin‘ a whole lot. But in six short days, all signs of stagnation will evaporate as ... I touch down in sunny Las Vegas. No, we‘re not going to count cards under the tutelage of Kevin Spacey (based on a great book, by the way); we‘re gonna rip the lid off NAB!

... If that weren‘t enough, we‘ll be rubbing sore shoulders with our lenslinging brethren at the Harley-Davidson cafe as the lovely and gracious Kevin Johnson leads us all in quiet reflection at the B-Roll Bash. is also a BE-Roll participant.'s big BASH 2008 will be Monday, April 14, at the Harley-Davidson Cafe.

The Editblog posted "NAB FCP Supermeet 2 weeks away"

As of tonight (Wednesday, April 2) the Final Cut Pro Supermeet at NAB 2008 is only 2 weeks away. I‘m very excited about this event as it will be my first one, my first time at NAB as well as my first time in Las Vegas. That‘s a lot of cherry‘s to pop at one time. The agenda looks to be pretty cool ... the RED guys will be there, some dude from Apple and there is a mention of “the scariest ‘editing‘ tool you will ever see.” ... From what I understand the raffle is one of the best things at the event.

(LITTLE FROG IN HIGH DEF made a post about the supermeet too.) TODAY posted "David Wertheimer to Speak at NAB"

David Wertheimer, executive director of the Entertainment Technology Center @ USC, will speak on a panel Tuesday, April 15 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas titled "New Devices, New Opportunities." Wertheimer will be among industry leaders discussing how people want their media and on what device. The panel discussion will follow a keynote by Dr. Kevin Kahn, senior fellow and director of Intel's communications technology lab, and will also include industry executives from Sling Media, TiVo, and World Now to address the new opportunities for content creators and distributors.

More to come on this front. Check out the BE-Roll for the freshest posts from all the bloggers.