NEW YORK, N.Y., September 9, 2009 – Mark Schubin, winner of multiple Emmy awards and a fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, is now sharing his world-renowned video-technology expertise with, the premiere online site for information about all types of HD video cameras, lenses, and accessories. In a free video at, Schubin explains the relationship between HD camera-imager size and HD video picture quality.

“There’s an extraordinary range of HD cameras out there, from little tiny ones that cost about $100, way up to digital cinematography models,” Schubin says in the video’s introduction. “They all look really good...but you can’t really expect something that costs $100 to provide the same quality as something that costs a quarter of a million dollars. There are many of the important differences relates to the size of the sensor, the size of the image that is formed inside the camera from which everything else derives.”

Schubin then proceeds to elaborate on this point and to explain how related factors such as sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, HD dynamic range, depth of field, wide-angle lenses, zoom ratios, and optical aberrations all play a role in determining HD camera image quality. “All things being equal,” Schubin concludes, “the larger the video-imager format, the better the video is going to look.”

Experts at concur, noting that although HD cameras with 1/3-inch (and even smaller) imagers are proliferating among consumers, prosumers, and even some professional users, HD cameras with 2/3-inch and larger CCD and CMOS camera-imagers continue to dominate in such premium-quality production sectors as televised sports, documentaries, network program production, and digital cinematography.

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