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Triveni Digital to Unveil StreamScope™ RM-40 2.0 Software Release at the 2010 NAB Show

PRINCETON, N.J. — March 22, 2010 — Triveni Digital today announced that the company will debut its StreamScope™ RM-40 2.0 software release at the 2010 NAB Show. The exciting new release for Triveni Digital's acclaimed StreamScope monitoring line introduces features that minimize operating costs for broadcast and cable operators, while addressing key issues in the delivery of a quality viewing experience.

"Delivery of DTV services continues to be a complex undertaking, and we've designed features in this latest StreamScope software release to reduce the time and cost required to monitor the quality of the DTV stream and the on-screen product," said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and head of marketing at Triveni Digital. "As standards for DTV continue to evolve, we will continue to provide our customers with the tools needed to maintain a high level of service — and to do so in a cost-effective fashion."

The StreamScope RM-40 platform offers the industry's most sophisticated digital video troubleshooting tools to support efficient problem isolation and repair. The RM-40 product family is fully scalable, ranging from low-cost rack-mounted options to the high-end router embedded StreamScope eRM application available from Juniper Networks®. The RM-40 remotely monitors, measures, records, and analyzes DTV streams to ensure their integrity, reliability, and compliance with standards and customer-defined targets. Among the enhancements offered in the StreamScope RM-40 2.0 software release are the Live Services Monitor and thumbnail views that enable users to confirm with a quick glance that video is present. Further, newly added decoding of closed-captioning data — with rule-based alerts — simplifies operations and reduces the manual workload necessary to maintain required closed-captioning information.

When digital broadcast signals are cross-carried into other infrastructures as part of carriage agreements, the convenient Automated Stream Comparison feature of the StreamScope product quickly provides the information needed to ensure that signal quality, services, and components are in line with business or contractual agreements. By automating this process, the RM-40 monitors facilitate straightforward DTV carriage auditing and, in turn, faster resolution of impairments to the signals ultimately delivered to the viewer.

The StreamScope RM-40 2.0 software release also supports decoding of Active Format Description (AFD) data to indicate the proper aspect ratio conversions between formats. Automatic transport-type detection allows rule clusters to be applied based on transport type (MPEG-only, ATSC, DVB-SI, etc.). Also supported is enhanced reporting on stream status — if the encryption state changes, or if anticipated messages such as SCTE-35 messages for digital program insertion (DPI), do not arrive, the system immediately alerts the operator. These extensive real-time monitoring and alert capabilities are valuable in DTV carriage auditing and in maintaining service level agreements.

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