Award-Winning Documentarian Relies Solely on the Company’s Battery Power When Heading into the Field

SHELTON, CT (SEPTEMBER 14, 2010) – Whenever award-winning, UK-based lighting documentary cameraman Jonathan Young heads into the field to shoot another of his notable projects, often placing him in harsh or extreme environments, Anton/Bauer is consistently his battery power of choice.

Young traveled the world for a number of projects, including the prominent British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) travel documentary series with British author, adventurer and TV presenter, Simon Reeve. Some of his journeys with Reeve have included traveling across the Sahara and into Burma Tropic of Cancer and Explore. In addition, Young’s resume, with more than 90 working credits, includes the BBC’s flagship documentary Panorama; the world's longest running investigative TV show. Other high-profile productions include the UK-based Sky One with British actor, author and journalist Ross Kemp which earned Young a Guild of Television Cameramen Award for his extreme camerawork in Afghanistan. U.S.-based indie productions include Conan O’Brien, NBC’s Nightly News, as well as ABC News. For each of these shoots, Young has relied on the strength, durability and reliability of Anton/Bauer battery power.

“I have substantial experience in working within challenging and hostile environments around the world,” says Young. “Just recently I was filming for Panorama in the Gaza Strip. The program was about the fate of the Mavi Mamara, a Turkish ship trying to break the blockade of Gaza, and the events which followed. Due to the tight security restraints I could only carry my Anton/Bauer Tandem® 150 configuration but was still able to shoot all day, charge the batteries while in my car and not worry about running short on power, which is a cameraman’s nightmare, all thanks to Anton/Bauer’s reliability.”

In order to keep up with the ever-changing generations of technology in the film industry, Young exclusively relies on Anton/Bauer’s batteries and power supplies. Currently, he’s using a variety of Anton/Bauer products, ranging from InterActive® Power Chargers, such as the four position TWQ and Quad PowerCharger and the versatile Tandem 150 Modular Power System offering a Solar and Car Charger. Power solutions include the Tandem 70 and DIONIC® 90's and 160's. When it comes to lighting, Young is tungsten all the way and always chooses the Ultralight®.

“I chose Anton/Bauer for all of my mobile power requirements in 1999 when the latest generation of Digi Beta cameras came out,” he says. “Compared to the old Beta SP cameras, power consumption was up a third and my existing battery supplier was only supplying NiCad batteries at the time and their batteries just couldn't cope with the extra power required for the new digital formats. This trend for higher power consumption has continued into the latest generations of HD cameras also so my decision to change is still justified 12 years later. Aside from shooting projects myself, I also own Debrouillard Ltd, a business which offers camera crews and broadcast equipment. As I was supplying crews and kits to U.S.-based clients shooting in the UK and Europe, there was a need for familiarity and compatibility. With the Anton/Bauer worldwide standard kit available in the U.S., that was made possible.”

At any given time Young is carrying around seven or eight DIONIC 90’s, plus a DIONIC 160 on every trip as a standard, with a TWQ Charger. Whether shooting HD or SD, tape or tapeless, this configuration of power supplies allows Young to shoot all day and into the night without the need to stop for recharging.

When traveling, Young relies on the Tandem 150, as he can utilize the main power supply for sit-down interviews and then mobile charge it in his vehicle. He often refers to the Tandem 150 as his “perfect companion.”

Shin Minowa, vice president of marketing and new business development, Anton/Bauer, says, “We aim to provide highly-motivated, creative and experienced camera crews with the very latest technologies on the market. Jonathan Young is the perfect example of a top-notch industry professional that relies on and knows what the Anton/Bauer name means.”

In addition to his field work, in 1996 Young founded Debrouillard Ltd, a camera crewing business based in Northern England, which offers broadcast camera crews and equipment for corporate, entertainment and factual documentary productions, servicing a diverse range of regional, national and international clients. Young and Debrouillard Ltd offer a wide range of production skills in all forms of television programming from observational documentaries, factual, entertainment, corporate videos, sports coverage and international news coverage.

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