JVC HM100 camcorder

JVC (C4315) has introduced another professional solid-state camcorder. In addition to the GY-HM700, the company is showing its litter brother, the GY-HM100. This smaller camcorder is among the industry’s first to store files in the native QuickTime format for Apple’s Final Cut Pro onto SDHC media cards.

The compact handheld GY-HM100 3-CCD camcorder records 35Mb/s HD video and uncompressed audio directly to SDHC media cards.

David Walton, VP JVC said the workflow with most camcorders — relying on proprietary media and file formats — is too expensive. In addition, compatibility with major nonlinear editing (NLE) systems requires codec converting or rewrapping format files, a process that significantly slows down the post-production process.

The new cameras offer a fast solution that allows instant editing of recorded material without file conversion, and a media cost approaching the economy of tape. Video clips are dragged directly from the storage media onto the nonlinear editor’s timeline.

The GY-HM100 is the smallest professional format 3-CCD camcorder available at about the size of a lens for a 2/3in imager camera. It comes with a Fujinon 10:1 zoom HD lens. The GY-HM100 is scheduled for delivery this month.