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Aurora Networks Announces Industry’s First Digital BK Transceiver at ANGA 2012

Specifically designed for Germany’s unique BK technology, Digital BK Transceiver provides cost-effective network segmentation to accommodate growth of EuroDOCSIS services

Cologne, Germany, ANGA Booth O9 – June 12, 2012 - Aurora Networks, Inc., the No. 1 optical transport solutions provider for cable operators, today announced the release of its Digital BK transceiver, a first-of-its-kind solution, that will provide a much smoother upgrade for higher segmentation, enabling cable operators in Germany and neighboring countries to further modernize their BK networks.

Aurora Networks designed the Digital BK transceiver specifically for the region’s installed base to support the increased popularity of EuroDOCSIS™, driven by the demand for new and advanced services. The company’s Digital BK transceiver goes above and beyond the Digital Return module it launched last year, as the new technology combines both digital return transmitters and forward receiver functions into a single module. This provides operators with the ability to easily transition to a 4x4 upgrade for the price of a 2x2 traditional BK node upgrade, all within the existing BK node platform. It is a highly cost effective choice that is inline with the practice of using higher node segmentation to support today’s fast growing bandwidth needs.

Aurora Networks is displaying the Digital BK transceiver at stand O9, hall 10.1, at the ANGA Cable Show, 12 - 14 June in Cologne, Germany.

What Aurora Networks Says

“Cable operators in the region are now more than ever feeling the pressure to increase bandwidth to provide new and advanced services, but unfortunately their networks are struggling to support it,” said John Dahlquist, vice president, marketing. “Aurora Networks’ new Digital BK Transceiver helps operators overcome this challenge by increasing network capacity through higher node segmentation in the most simple, yet cost-efficient way possible.”

Key Digital Return Applications

• More Efficient Segmentation – With up to two unique RF input segments per digital return transmitter wavelength, up to 15 wavelengths with CWDM, and up to 40 wavelengths with DWDM, Aurora Networks digital return technology provides the flexibility for very fiber-efficient solutions to segment BK Fiber Nodes. In addition, through cable’s first SFP-based digital return technology, the process of wavelength selection, sparing and service restoration is greatly simplified.

• Ability to Drive Fiber Deeper – Aurora Networks digital return technology is optimized to drive fiber deeper into the network, securing more bandwidth while at the same time reducing RF amplifier cascades and their associated high operational costs. Performance is independent of distance, and reaches of up to 200 km are feasible without regeneration.

• Gateway to Deploy EuroDOCSIS 3.0 Services – Both the higher modulation and channel bonding requirements of EuroDOCSIS 3.0 services have placed greater demands on the upstream path. When setup with the recommended installation practices, Aurora Network’s digital return technology will fully support EuroDOCSIS 3.0 services with both 64-QAM and four or more bonded channels. In addition, it will also support future upgrades to 256-QAM, and even up to 1024-QAM, return technology.

• Reduced Operational Costs – Aurora’s unique digital return technology is truly a “set it and forget it” upstream solution that eliminates normal maintenance expenses associated with analog laser solutions.

About Aurora Networks

Aurora Networks is evolving cable by focusing on innovative solutions that build future-proof networks to accommodate the cable subscriber services of today and tomorrow. Aurora Networks is the only pure-play optical transport solution provider that is focused solely on cable operators. Using its proven understanding of cable networks, Aurora Networks delivers unique solutions - such as its Fiber Deep architecture and digital return technology - to address specific issues of the cable industry. A technology leader driven by innovation and industry-firsts, Aurora Networks enables leading cable operators across the globe to compete with a cost-effective, optimized launch pad for next-generation cable services. To learn more about Aurora Networks’ core cable solutions, please call +1 408-235-7000 or visit


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