NEP Studios Selects Autoscript Teleprompting Gear to Help Automate Newsroom and Studio Productions in New York

SHELTON, CT, MAY 8, 2012—NEP Studios, a division of NEP Broadcasting, LLC, and one of the largest independent providers of studio production and post-production facilities in Manhattan, recently purchased a quantity of Autoscript equipment for use at its Studio 33, Studio 52, Studio 54, 5th Avenue Studio and Midtown Studio locations. By selecting teleprompters and prompting software from Autoscript, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, and the world’s leading teleprompting company, NEP Studios is able to streamline and help automate the variety of productions it works on.

Known for its premier talent and technical expertise, NEP Studios recently purchased a series of 17- and 19-inch teleprompter monitors (LED17TFT and LED19TFT, respectively), 15-inch talent monitors, +ClockPlus+ timecode displays and +WinPlus-News+ software from Autoscript for use in five of its nine state-of-the-art studio facilities in Manhattan. Autoscript’s LED17TFT and LED19TFT wide-angle, on-camera prompters incorporate the latest in Autoscript’s illumination technology, the TFT (thin-film transistor) LED system. Unlike CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tubes), which take many minutes to reach full efficiency and light output, the LED17TFT and LED19TFT offer instant warm-up to full brightness. In addition, these on-camera teleprompters come with a wide-angle hood, making them optimal for news- or studio-based productions.

“The equipment is being used in various ways, from a standard prompting system with talent monitor and clock showing running time, to a more sophisticated solution integrated with the Avid iNEWS or ENPS systems, depending on the installation,” says Frank Lanzer, senior engineer and project engineering manager for NEP Studios. Autoscript’s +WinPlus-News+ software is a powerful and versatile prompting package that features user-friendly drop-down menus and configurable display options. The +WinPlus News+ package comes complete with a configurable five-button Deskpad Optical Scroll Control and a PCI Promptcard, which provides two video outputs (PAL/NTSC) and Genlock option. Autoscript now also offers the WinPlus PCI card with an optional SDI card with five video outputs.

+WinPlus-News+ is compatible with all leading newsroom systems, including ENPS and iNEWS, which allows NEP Studios to integrate show rundowns and clip information. The incorporated use of both ENPS and iNEWS with the WinPlus software provides NEP Studios with an all-in-one solution for show rundowns, cues and prompting.

“The studio setup is fairly straightforward, so we are using the complete Autoscript solution,” says Frank Lanzer, senior engineer and project engineering manager for NEP Studios. “From mounting plates and weights to monitors and clocks, Autoscript has given us a simplified, scalable solution without the need to fabricate any mounting brackets—we can quickly reconfigure the prompters as needed for a particular application.” The +ClockPlus+ is an LED SMPTE/EBU timecode display that has the added feature of changing color from green to red when a suitable Tally input is applied.

The New York NEP Studios were built and configured for the specific needs of individual clients, so the equipment used varies between locations. Typically the studios’ equipment complement includes Vinten pedestals and Jimmy Jibs, with prompters, talent monitors and +ClockPlus+ displays, shooting with either Sony or Thomson HD cameras, using Canon and Fuji lenses. What’s more, the studio infrastructures includes Trinix and Concerto routing switchers, EVS and K2 disk recorders, Sony XD Cam Decks, Kalypso, Kayak and Sony 8000 switchers.

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