Utah Scientific Adds Embedded-Audio Signal Processing to Popular UTAH-400 Series Routers

SALT LAKE CITY -- April 11, 2011 -- Utah Scientific, a leading global provider of video signal routing systems, today announced it is introducing embedded-audio signal processing for its popular UTAH-400 series digital routing switchers at the 2011 NAB Show. The new capability comes courtesy of a new line of I/O boards that rely on advanced FPGA (field-programmable gate array) technology to perform signal processing. Utah Scientific will demonstrate its UTAH-400 router with the embedded-audio enhancement at its NAB booth, N4511.

In the past five years, embedded audio has become the norm in media operations of any significant size. Embedded audio supports a more streamlined system overall, but its inflexibility can make it difficult to shuffle audio channels as needed in larger, integrated facilities where quick changes to live feeds are common. Now Utah Scientific has built advanced signal processing into the router's I/O board, meaning it can deserialize and decode a signal into its component data streams without compromising the router's overall operational reliability. As a result, audio channels are shuffled automatically without an outboard device or manual intervention.

The enhanced UTAH-400 routing systems also incorporate a virtual control panel to provide an easy-to-read display of the video signals and their associated audio positions. The GUI design enables control of digital signal processing functions and other signal configuration information.

"Getting the most out of embedded audio requires realistic assessment of need, evaluation of technology, and solid planning and system design," said Tom Harmon, president and CEO of Utah Scientific. "By leveraging the new I/O signal processing capabilities we've added to our UTAH-400 video routers, a wide variety of media enterprises can realize the full extent of the efficiency and cost benefits that go along with reliance on embedded audio."

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About Utah Scientific, Inc. Throughout more than 30 years in business, Utah Scientific has earned its position as worldwide leader in routing and master control switchers by working with customers to meet their needs for advanced signal distribution and control technology. The company's confidence in its industry-leading products is exemplified by its renowned no-fee, 10-year warranty and validated by multiple Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership Awards. Additional information about Utah Scientific and its products can be found at www.utahscientific.com.