Larson Studios Installs Jünger Audio’s Loudness Solution To Solve Its CALM Compliance Issues

The need to comply with the recently introduced CALM Act on broadcast audio loudness has led Hollywood-based Larson Studios to invest in two Jünger Audio T*AP Television Audio Processors. These have now been installed in the facility’s transfer rooms where they are already proving invaluable in terms of saving time.

Larson Studios is renowned as a full-service post production sound company specialising in digital mixing for standard and High Definition television, film and multimedia. From its two 10,000 square-foot landmark buildings in the heart of Hollywood, Larson Studios offers ADR/Foley stages, sweetening rooms, edit suites and seven Chris Pelonis/George Massenburg-designed 5.1/7.1 surround mix stages. In addition to award-winning television and film audio post that is fully CALM compliant, Larson also offers complete audio restoration, remixing, repurposing and pre-mastering.

Prior to investing in Jünger Audio’s T*AP units, Larson Studios conducted its own research into available loudness control products and reached the conclusion that T*AP offered the best all-round solution.

David Dondorf, Larson Studios’ Chief Engineer, says: “We did a shoot-out between Jünger Audio and two other Loudness control boxes from major manufacturers and eventually chose the Jünger Audio units because they sounded better. Our testing showed that they were completely accurate, especially from the aspect of dialnorm. They were also easier to use and offered a clear path to creating the presets we needed. The default presets sold the box, along with the fact that you can go into great depth – or not.”

Larson Studios delivers product to all major broadcast and cable networks and, as an extremely busy facility, does not have time to constantly re-deliver audio material that doesn’t comply with the regulations specified by the new CALM act.

“Before we invested in the T*AP processors, we were wasting hours fixing shows that were being rejected because they were one tenth of a dB out,” Dave Dondorf adds. “These units have not only saved valuable time but they also allow us to deliver audio material that sound as good as our customers expect.”

Jünger Audio’s award-winning T*AP Television Audio Processor incorporates Version II of the company’s LEVEL MAGIC™ adaptive loudness algorithm, which is compliant with all current broadcast audio loudness recommendations including ITU 1770 (versions 1 and 2), ATSC A/85, ARIB TR-B32 and EBU R128. Based on a Multi-Loop dynamic range control principle where slow changes (AGC), fast changes (Transient processing) and Look Ahead peak limiting are handled simultaneously, LEVEL MAGIC™ offers level management with exceptionally high audio quality and without coloration, pumping, breathing, distortion or modulation effects.

Primarily designed for TV playout, T*AP focuses on automatic and adaptive loudness control, Upmix and surround sound processing for up to eight channels of audio (8x1, 4x2, or 6+2). Optional Dolby Decoding and Encoding (D, D+, or Pulse), as well as metadata management, are also provided along with 5.1 Downmix and Jünger Audio’s 5.1 UPMIX circuit.

Major broadcasters around the world are choosing these products because they allow loudness consistency to be maintained in a very easy and cost effective way – and without any detrimental effects on sound quality.

Larson Studios’ T*AP units were supplied by Jünger Audio’s US distributor Group One. According to Dondorf, they have completely solved the facility’s CALM compliance issues.

“Now, when we receive a client delivery spec, we know we will meet it exactly, quickly, accurately, and with minimal negative change to the original mix. We are using T*AP on all Deliverables from both our facilities and we are very happy with their performance,” he says.


About Jünger Audio

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