Middle Atlantic Enclosures Match Up At Kelly Leadership Center

Manassas, VA––Unveiled this year, the new Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center was built for Virginia’s Prince William school system at a cost of $37.5 million and feature the very latest in A/V technology.

Named for Edward Kelly, the county’s longest-running superintendent who presided over the system for 18 years, the new facility is 150,000 square feet and will house about 500 employees.

The scope of improvements is impressive. For example, school board meetings had been held in a cramped former military barracks. Now they’re held in a 300 seat meeting room with state-of-the-art video screens and audio systems.

Other features of the center include: a small museum representing the history of the school system in the main lobby; computer stations for people to fill out employment applications; a School Board meeting room that can be divided, like a hotel conference room, into four rooms, each with audio-visual capabilities; window-enclosed elevators; and 8,000 panes of glass. There’s even an exercise room.

Audio and video was provided by Techniarts, a Washington D.C.-based firm that specializes in commercial and government installations, with a technology budget of $3 million. Partnering with the Ennis Electric Company, Moseley Architects of Richmond VA, and the PWCPS Media Department, Techniarts outfitted the center with conferencing, audiovisual and VTC and Broadcast systems.

Techniarts chose Middle Atlantic furniture and equipment enclosures for all of the control and conference rooms. As project manager Bill Moore described the project, “The building was considered an architectural success on the outside, and we wanted to keep the aesthetics top-quality and ‘matched’ in the interior spaces.

“We were able to achieve a pleasing and consistent look for the control room and throughout the facility’s 20 control rooms. We started with Middle Atlantic’s Broadcast LCD desk and expanded it substantially with the extra wide add-ons.

“What’s interesting in the control room,” Bill continues, “is that we used Middle Atlantic MRK racks with custom Cherry finish end panels for the ends to end up with something that looks great.”

The easily configurable Middle Atlantic desk has space for a technical director, audio operator, Chyron operator and robotics camera operator, up to six or more people. And, according to Moore, “the configuration was done easily with stock parts.

“The key for us with Middle Atlantic was that you can take stock pieces and make something that looks great without paying for custom racks or furniture. We were able to follow the same theme throughout the facility using either the smaller soundproofed enclosures or the System 5 racks with Cherry wood side panels to tie the whole audio/visual system together. No matter what the amount or size of racks, you’ve got a custom, pleasing look that sets the equipment apart.”

The center’s 20 conference rooms feature AMX control, Panasonic displays, Tandberg VTC, Bi-Amp Audia and Nexia audio, Bosch Conference systems, EV and Renkus Heinz speakers and Crown amplification. The Broadcast center is equipped with Pro-Bel routers, master control and automation, Omnion servers, Echo switcher, Pixel Power and Avid CG, Avid edit rooms, Sony SD cameras, Miranda monitoring with Panasonic displays.

The best news? “For both the Audio Visual portion and the Broadcast Control Room, Middle Atlantic let us achieve a very professional ‘custom’ look using their stock products at a significant cost savings over having custom millwork designed and built.”

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