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Magyar Televízió Relies on RTW Audio Meters for Total Accuracy in New SNG Van

RTW today announced that Magyar Televízió (Hungarian Television), the national broadcaster of Hungary, has implemented RTW 1113G analog peak-program meters to provide precise and reliable audio signal measurement in a new satellite news gathering van.

Accurate audio metering supports delivery of defined sound levels, which are vital to ensuring that the satellite transmission chain operates smoothly. Because its signals frequently become integrated into international news exchanges, accuracy in metering is especially important for Magyar Televízió and other broadcasters like them.

“We have to have complete confidence in our audio metering when we build a new SNG van,” said Zoltan Vigh, Magyar Televízió technical director. “Having used RTW devices for 10 years, we know they will provide 100-percent accuracy.”

The RTW 1113G peak meter performs streamlined metering of signals for stereo applications. Designed for use in multichannel display units, the device features electronically balanced inputs, a measuring range of -50 dB to +5 dB with reference level of +6 dBu, and integration time of 10 milliseconds.

With 1,800 employees, Magyar Televízió boasts four production studios and broadcasts two channels in Hungary. Its fleet comprises four outside broadcast trucks and two SNG vans, including the new one, which was delivered earlier this year. Budapest-based Studiotech Audiovisual Engineering performed systems integration for the new Magyar Televízió van.