QVC UK goes live with Enterprise sQ server system

World's leading TV shopping channel looks to the future with Quantel

QVC UK, part of the world-leading television shopping network, has just gone live with a Quantel Enterprise sQ server-based production system, providing a totally integrated production and playout environment. The new system forms the backbone of QVC UK's entire promotions production operation, fully integrated with a custom developed scheduling, automation and asset management solution (named 'QSAAM' by QVC) from Japanese company NSD.

The sQ server at the heart of the system is configured with 220 hours of IMX50 storage, and supports nine of Quantel's sQ View, sQ Cut and sQ Edit desktop applications as well as three eQ finishing systems. Two further sQ servers provide fully redundant playout. QVC has also added three Quantel Power Portals to the system to give interactive connectivity with its archive.

QVC made its decision in favour of Quantel after evaluating several different manufacturers' potential solutions. "What clinched it was a visit to QVC in Tokyo, which has a Quantel/NSD system," said Paul Murphy, QVC Director of Technology. "Its robustness and productivity blew us away. Quantel's server technology is built for the unique challenges of the broadcast world; nothing else comes close. It was a very simple choice for us in the end."

The openness of Quantel's Enterprise sQ technology was also a factor in clinching the deal. "QVC Japan's system also demonstrated the power of the close integration with NSD, which makes it a solution that's tailored to the special needs of retailing," Paul added. "The combination of the two technologies has given us a unique and highly innovative production workflow."

The system went live in July 2009.