HD Camera Lens Selection Guide Goes Online

As High Definition video (HD) becomes the standard for broadcast and professional videographers, as well as a wide range of filmmakers, manufacturers are introducing a growing array of HD cameras that range from economical camcorders to high-end digital cinematography solutions. This proliferation of camera models is prompting increasing questions among users as to which HD lens is best for their particular camera and production application.

“Choosing the right lens is essential to maximizing HD camera performance and capturing the unique content that is increasingly demanded by today‘s broadcasters, cable networks, film studios, and other program providers,” comments Bob Lipp, a marketing executive with years of experience in the broadcast industry. “As HD camera selections increase for every production segment, choosing the right HD lens for your production requirements becomes ever-more crucial.”

Now, a new online resource, www.HDCameraLensGuide.com, has the answers you need to maximize the performance of your HD camera for any of seven different production applications.

Featuring an easy-to-use, fully interactive design, site users simply select their camera brand and model number along with their specific production application. A list of recommended HD lenses is then automatically displayed, with specific information on each lens.

Camera brands users can enter include: Grass Valley/Thomson, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC, Panasonic, and Sony. Production applications include: News, Documentary, Sports, Events, Commercial, Corporate, and Reality.

“No matter how advanced an HD camera may be, the image it delivers is first created by its lens,” notes Lipp. “The quality of the HD image coming out of the camera will always depend on the quality of the original lens image. This is why selecting the right HD lens is so crucial to all forms of HD production. We‘ve made it easy for professional and broadcast videographers, digital filmmakers, and every other HD camera user to find the ideal HD lens. They simply select their HD camera model and production application from a drop-down menu, and the recommended lenses are displayed. Detailed specs are also available.”

The new online resource www.HDCameraLensGuide.com is free to users and features an attractive, easy-to-use graphic design for quick and accurate user reference. This invaluable informational Web site is proving to be an essential tool for all HD camera professionals as HD production continues to advance in every segment of the production industry.