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Arqiva Leverages ScheduLINK to Streamline Resource Management for Occasional Broadcast and Satellite Services

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — July 14, 2009 — ScheduALL today announced that Arqiva, which provides the bulk of infrastructure behind television and radio transmission in the U.K., is using ScheduALL's ScheduLINK transmission management and optimization software to streamline the booking and allocation of resources for ad hoc and non-permanent satellite and transmission services around the globe. Used across Arqiva's occasional use and satellite newsgathering (SNG) business, as well as its numerous studios and outside broadcast (OB) units, ScheduLINK software simplifies the coordination and provision of transmission packages of any size and complexity.

"We do much more than sell our customers a simple uplink; we offer end-to-end satellite transmission services that can be quite complex, and we use ScheduLINK software extensively across our business to schedule the people, facilities, equipment, bandwidth, switching arrangements, and other resources that make these services possible," said Julian Portman, finance director at Arqiva Satellite and Media. "ScheduLINK simplifies our operations by automating previously manual processes, providing critical project details and instructions to staff and suppliers, and enabling bookings across our European and U.S. operations centers."

"Arqiva has experienced substantial growth in the past five years, and ScheduLINK has allowed us to manage our resources and deliver services in a comprehensive and competitive manner. This has opened up substantial opportunities to win business for live events and sports coverage," said Portman.

Arqiva's ScheduLINK system serves as a common solution for efficient management of the resources required for occasional use services, whether for studio production and transmission, mobile production for sports and live events, newsgathering in the field, or delivery of content to or from a post-production facility. By facilitating bookings across countries and different parts of Arqiva's business, ScheduLINK enables the company to expand its service offering, improve competitiveness against local providers, and increase overall opportunities for revenue generation.

With better information and reporting on how well internal and external resources are being used in service provision, Arqiva can better determine when to own or buy a resource. ScheduLINK automates the recording and issue of purchase orders for resources and sets out job requirements for internal staff and suppliers. This information also allows staff to see how bottlenecks in resource use and allocation directly affect the company's productivity and profitability.

"The ad hoc satellite business demands that providers be ready to spring into action at a moment's notice," added Portman. "In giving us flexibility and agility in scheduling and resource management for ad hoc and non-permanent services, ScheduLINK is a key business tool that puts Arqiva on a competitive footing now and going forward."

"Arqiva's extensive implementation of ScheduLINK demonstrates how a sophisticated and flexible ERM solution can be adapted to provide dramatic operational efficiencies and valuable versatility in meeting the unique needs of each client and booking," said Barry Lyne, EMEA managing director for ScheduALL. "We're very pleased to be working with Arqiva as the company continues to apply the benefits of a broad enterprise resource management and scheduling solution across its occasional and ad hoc satellite services."

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About Arqiva Satellite and Media

Arqiva operates at the heart of the broadcast and mobile communications industry and is at the forefront of network solutions and services in an increasingly digital world. The company provides much of the infrastructure behind television, radio, and wireless communications in the UK and has a growing presence in Ireland, mainland Europe, and the United States. Arqiva's three business units include terrestrial broadcast, satellite and media, and wireless access. The U.K.-based company is owned by a consortium of investors led by Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group. Major customers include ITV, Channel 4, Five, the BBC, BSkyB, Classic FM, the five UK mobile operators, the RNLI, and the Metropolitan Police. More information is available at

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ScheduALL is the leading provider of enterprise resource management (ERM) software for the broadcast and media industry. With 20 years of experience and 1,200+ worldwide clients within broadcast, satellite, and production facilities, ScheduALL is clearly recognized as the partner of choice for operational management software solutions.

ScheduALL's software offers comprehensive workflow and resource management capabilities that enable clients to optimize personnel, resources, and bandwidth utilization in a way that directly translates into increased productivity and ROI. ScheduALL's modular approach and scalable products provide a collaborative platform for users in the broadcast, production, post-production, satellite/network transmission, and newsroom environments. ScheduALL clients include ABC Australia, BBC, CBC, FOX News Network, The Associated Press, IntelSat, Turner Studios, Mediaset, RTL, and SES AMERICOM-NEW SKIES. More information is available at