NVerzion Automates Oceanic Time Warner Cable Hawaii

SALT LAKE CITY -- Sept. 20, 2011 -- NVerzion, a leading provider of cutting-edge tools for digital broadcasting and television station automation, today announced the successful completion of system upgrades for Oceanic Time Warner Cable in Oahu, Hawaii. With four on-air automated transmission channels in place at Oceanic's Mililani facility, the cable operator will now enjoy the benefits of complete broadcast station automation.

Oceanic operates one of the most technically advanced and innovative systems in the industry and proactively invests in state-of-the-art network infrastructure. The NControl automation system from NVerzion is being utilized at the facility to provide the operator complete station automation. Using the technology from NVerzion, Oceanic can record, play, schedule, and control its own locally originated channel. The operator is also using NGest and NPoint to clean up video files, evaluate and mark video files, and for ad insertion.

"One of the chief reasons for our installation of the NVerzion automation package was the huge benefit-versus-cost value it offered," said Jay Yamamoto at Oceanic Time Warner Cable. "We reviewed several other automation systems on the market today, but NVerzion was the only solution that provided us with the functionality we needed at the right price point."

NControl from NVerzion provides broadcasters the functionality they need to create, edit, and implement a sequence of video-related events in an easy-to-use graphical form. NControl enables scheduled control of multiple devices like routers and master control switchers, and can be configured to be as simple as controlling the single output of a video server or can be expanded to automate the entire content workflow. The cost-effective NControl also generates as-run logs for the traffic system and reconciliation, reports missing content, supports single-server play-list automation and full station control, and offers easy-to-use editing tools.

"Oceanic, as part of the Time Warner Cable system in the state of Hawaii, reaches hundreds of thousands of households, schools, and businesses with their television programming and related services," said Scott Murphy, president of NVerzion. "Through efficient and cost-effective automated processes of the facility, Oceanic has ensured its continued success in providing the very best cutting-edge services to its subscribers."

More information about NVerzion as well as NControl and other products from the company is available at www.nverzion.com.

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