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LAS VEGAS, NV, APRIL 12, 2010 — At NAB 2010, Sound Devices (Booth C1354) will preview the newest version of its 788T firmware as well as its revised Wave Agent software package through on-site demonstrations at its booth.

“We are previewing our latest software, specifically to gain user feedback,” says Jon Tatooles, managing director for Sound Devices. “These previews give us an opportunity to bring our customers in the loop on our important features, before they are ready for production.”

The newest update on the Sound Devices 788T firmware allows multiple 788T’s to be linked together for applications requiring high track counts. The linking ability extends to all recorders in the company’s 7-Series line. This gives users added flexibility when working with multiple Sound Devices models. In addition, the new version includes functional enhancements and several important upgrades. As with all Sound Devices firmware updates, Sound Devices gives its users an effective way to upgrade to the latest technology at no charge.

Sound Devices is also offering its Wave Agent software package, which provides a comprehensive and indispensable range of tools for preparing audio files for problem-free passage through complex production workflows. Designed specifically for production sound mixers and post production editors, Sound Devices’ most recent version, Wave Agent 1.1, features the ability to connect to the 788T and monitor its levels directly on the computer. Compatible with the latest operating systems including Windows (7, Vista and XP) and Mac OS (10.4+) formats, this new editing tool offers playback of polyphonic/monophonic BWF and standard WAV files from any source, supporting up to 12-tracks. When the 788T is connected to the computer, this new version offers multi-channel metering and real time monitoring of 788T meters and time code display.

Sound Devices, LLC designs and manufactures portable audio mixers, digital recorders and related audio equipment for feature film, episodic television, documentary, news-gathering, and acoustical test and measurement applications. The eleven-year-old company designs and manufactures from its Reedsburg, Wisconsin, headquarters with additional offices in Madison, WI, and Highland Park, IL. For more information, visit the Sound Devices website,