Harmonic Media Storage and Processing Platform Provides Foundation for Tapeless Operations at New Globosat Facility

Brazil's Top Pay-TV Provider Installs Omneon MediaGrid(TM) and Spectrum(TM) Systems to Support Streamlined End-to-End Workflow

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- May 25, 2011 -- Harmonic today announced that the Canais Globosat Network, Brazil's leading pay-TV provider, has installed an Omneon media storage and processing platform to support an efficient tapeless workflow at the broadcaster's brand-new origination and distribution facility in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Built on the Omneon MediaGrid(TM) active storage system, Spectrum(TM) media server systems, and MediaDeck(TM) video server, the Globosat workflow enables streamlined ingest, editing, and playout of the company's popular channel lineup.

"The Omneon MediaGrid and Spectrum systems offer not only the high reliability necessary to maintain the quality and continuity of our services, but also the interoperability needed to support integration with other best-of-breed systems in a smart, streamlined workflow," said Lourenço Carvano, technology manager at Globosat. "We are impressed with the many efficiencies the Omneon media storage and processing platform brings to large-scale ingest, editing, and playout operations."

Globosat reaches as many as 6.1 million individuals each day, broadcasting the majority of the 100 most-watched pay-TV programs in Brazil. To support these broadcasts, the company completed a state-of-the-art facility in Barra da Tijuca. At the heart of this facility, the company uses Spectrum media server systems to provide eight SD and HD ingest channels, as well as 30 SD and HD playout channels on fully redundant systems. Globosat also uses an Omneon MediaGrid system consisting of 26 2RU content servers for a total of 152 TB of total storage. Additional Spectrum systems and a MediaDeck video server will be used to support new channels and turnaround channels as Globosat grows.

Harmonic reseller Brasvideo worked closely with Globosat to specify many of the systems for the project. The resulting tapeless workflow enables ingest through the media servers and subsequent storage of content on the Omneon MediaGrid system. Nine Apple(R) Final Cut Pro(R) systems connected to the Omneon MediaGrid system enable Globosat staff to edit in place and then move content to main and backup Spectrum servers for playout while archives are maintained on the Omneon MediaGrid. The uniquely high bandwidth capacity of the Omneon MediaGrid can be scaled along with Globosat's growth to maintain fast access to stored content.

"Globosat is one of a growing number of Latin American broadcasters leveraging Harmonic's powerful solutions to bring greater flexibility and reliability to their operations," said Richard Phelps, vice president of Caribbean and Latin America sales at Harmonic. "The Globosat installation reflects the continued momentum of Harmonic adoption within emerging markets, as well as the ongoing implementation of our solutions at the center of advanced broadcast facilities."

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