Sound Devices, a manufacturer of industry-leading portable digital audio recorders and mixers, has activated the new Sound Notes Technical Reference initiative live on the web. The information base provides users with application-specific information for Sound Devices products and general audio applications. The web activation was announced at AES 2007.

“Sound Notes is a great resource for any customer wanting to learn more about production sound and the nuances of our products,” says Joe Ramos, technical specialist for Sound Devices. “The entire package is available as an RSS subscription feed, so that new notes appear for subscribers automatically.”

Sound Notes Technical Reference was implemented as a searchable index of technical articles, notes, and how-to information relating to general professional audio applications and the specific use of Sound Devices‘ products. All information is organized by categories with many of the “notes” coming from the wide range of inquiries from the Sound Devices‘ user base. A list of searchable categories is found on the left side of the web page and articles can be searched by using key words in the appropriate search box.

The page is being constantly updated with new insights and information (www.sounddevices/notes). Sound Notes is also available as an RSS feed. In supporting browsers, an icon will appear in the address bar indicating that the page can be added as a feed. The most recent seven articles will appear automatically in the list (

For more information, visit the Sound Devices website,