Streambox Launches Innovative Mobile Software Encoder™

Live Newsgathering Solution Enables Streaming of Breaking News via Broadband

SEATTLE -- Jan. 23, 2008 -- The Streambox® Mobile Software Encoder™, the latest in Streambox, Inc.‘s line of live newsgathering solutions, made its debut at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas. The Mobile Software Encoder is an innovative new software-based solution for streaming breaking news and events via broadband.

The Mobile Software Encoder extends the newsgathering capabilities of broadcasters, first responders, and citizen reporters, helping them to deliver live breaking news and events to the newsroom faster, smarter, and at a lower cost while at the same time powering video portals and social networking sites. A software-based solution ported to a variety of mobile devices, the Mobile Software Encoder transports broadcast video over Wi-Fi and 3G networks for real-time and store-and-forward news coverage. The solution provides the ultimate in mobility without sacrificing performance, reliability, or quality.

The Mobile Software Encoder features the same advanced proprietary compression technologies common to other Streambox® ACT-L3™ video transport solutions, which are widely used by news organizations, government agencies, and other organizations and individuals around the world. The ACT-L3 codec provides unrivaled video compression and innovative error correction and bandwidth shaping, for managing, controlling, and recovering lost packets and correcting irregularities common to video delivery over Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

“Our award-winning solutions continue to set the standard for reliable real-time reporting of breaking news over low bandwidth connections,” said Bob Hildeman, chairman and CEO of Streambox. “The Mobile Software Encoder adds flexibility and extends the newsgathering capabilities of reporters by immediately enabling them to start transmitting higher quality live video to leading news organizations as events unfold.”

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About Streambox, Inc.

Streambox is a market leader in newsgathering and video transport solutions for all real-time and store-and-forward broadcast and broadband applications. The company provides best-of-class encoding, decoding, and transmission over IP and satellite networks. Streambox® ACT-L3™ solutions have been specifically developed to meet the performance, reliability, and quality requirements of a diverse range of customers, such as broadcasters, government agencies, enterprises, and individuals worldwide. The robust family of ACT-L3™ solutions provides unrivaled video quality at low data rates. Streambox‘s innovative error correction and bandwidth shaping technologies enable users to manage, control, and mitigate packet loss and correct irregularities common to video delivery over satellite and IP/T1/E1 networks. More information is available at