MRC‘s New Central Receive Diversity System Raises the Bar

Fully integrated SD/HD, maximal ratio combining, and cellular diversity capability lead a long list of features in the new DRS4000

North Billerica, Massachusetts - July 24, 2007, Microwave Radio Communications, today announced the new DRS4000 has expandable central receive diversity capabilities which support single or multi-site architectures for SD/HD ENG and OB applications. The DRS4000 diversity system is based on advanced maximal ratio combining (MaxRC), a sophisticated technology that employs multiple receiving antennas to help combat multi-path fading. MaxRC adds the signals from each antenna and automatically balances the gain, which also provides greater operating range in the process.

The DRS4000 also includes the capability of combining multiple MaxRC sites to form a cellular diversity network that can support a metro or regional architecture. In addition to supporting DVB-T COFDM, the DRS4000 also includes an LMS-T demodulator. Developed by MRC‘s sister company Link Research, LMS-T combines DVB-T like OFDM techniques with powerful LDPC error correction codes to achieve a 30% improvement in throughput and a corresponding increase in robustness. Initially developed for Link‘s wireless camera systems, LMS-T will now be offered in all MRC ENG/OB transmitters that are HD capable.

“We are very excited about the addition of the DRS4000 to our portfolio” said Tony Finizio, president of MRC, “Central and cellular diversity is an idea whose time has come, and this system has what it takes to make it a practical and effective reality.”

System parameters can be easily and quickly set locally with a user friendly keypad and display screen, or remotely using the DRS4000‘s network manager software. The front panel includes two display screens, one that provides real time metrics for every channel, and a second screen that displays decoded video with spectrum monitor overlay. The integrated SD/HD decoder supports both 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 profiles.

“The DRS4000 is a perfect example of sister companies combining their talents and technologies to achieve world class results.” said Mike Payne, Chief Technology Officer of Vislink. “As we move forward, our customers can expect to see more developments that take advantage of the natural synergy that exists within our corporation.”

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