Even the Press is Confused about Transition Delay

The House of Representatives this week voted down a measure to delay the DTV transition from Feb. 17 to June 12. The vote was a surprise to many in the press, who had been reporting that the delay was practically a done deal.

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For several hours yesterday, Reuters reported that the House had passed the DTV transition delay bill.
Perhaps someone should have told Reuters, who posted a story online, shortly after the vote was taken, reporting that the measure to delay the transition had passed. At the same time, the Associated Press correctly reported that the bill had been defeated. Go to that same link now and the story has been corrected:

House passes DTV delay, ensuring passage

One of the reasons cited by legislators for delaying the transition is concern over “public confusion.” If the general press can’t seem to get it right, what does that portend for the transition, whenever it actually does happen?