TSA Madrid Delivers New Content to European Viewers via Genesis Networks Fiber

NEW YORK -- March 26, 2008 -- Genesis Networks, a provider of next-generation global video transmission services, today announced that its fiber infrastructure has been chosen by Telefónica Sistemas Audiovisuales Madrid (TSA Madrid) to transmit a package of programming via the SKY Italia satellite platform to TSA viewers in Europe.

"In our business, we're often presented with opportunities that require us to act quickly in order to reach new markets and expand our service offerings," said Joaquin Ramos Hernandez, broadcast manager, TSA Madrid. "Genesis Networks provided a complete, end-to-end solution that allowed us to meet very aggressive deadlines for service delivery."

Genesis Networks provides a full-time fiber connection that provides local connectivity for TSA in Madrid via a simplex fiber connection to the Genesis Networks POP in Rome, where content is uploaded to the SKY Italia platform for NDS encryption. From there, the content is carried back to TSA Madrid via a Genesis Networks fiber connection for distribution to European audiences. Genesis Networks provides all required video and audio transmission hardware, as well as 24/7 monitoring and technical support from its network operations center.

"Every day, the Genesis Networks fiber infrastructure is providing a more reliable, secure, and high-quality alternative for media companies such as TSA Madrid, who are looking to expand their service offerings to broader audiences and geographies," said Tatiana Zbarsky, project manager of Genesis Networks UK. "TSA Madrid is an excellent example of the complementary roles that fiber and satellite technology can play for advanced content delivery."

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About Telefónica Sistemas Audiovisuales Madrid

Telefónica Sistemas Audiovisuales Madrid (TSA Madrid) is a leading private company in the global telecommunications market. With headquarters in Spain and a presence in 23 countries, TSA Madrid is listed on the main international stock exchanges. TSA Madrid employs over 233,000 persons and provides access to a variety of customers including 160 million mobile phone users, 42 million landline users, 9.6 million broadband users, and 1.4 million pay-per-view television subscribers. More information is available at www.telefonica.es.

About Genesis Networks

Genesis Networks provides broadcasters, cable networks, production companies, and corporations with high-quality customized global video transmission services that are reliable, flexible, and affordable. The Genesis Networks' platform is a next-generation, IP-based fiber and satellite video network with cutting-edge switching and compression technologies. With more than 100 locations worldwide and growing, many organizations can now take advantage of Genesis Networks' services. The company's network operations center in New York City maintains the health and standards of the global network while the Genesis Networks proprietary software system, IRIS, allows clients to have remote, real-time network monitoring, scheduling, and control capabilities. Additional information on Genesis Networks and its innovative products is available at www.gen-networks.com.