Introducing...the Type-S Jib

As of February 11, 2008, j michael media, LLC is pleased to introduce the Type-S Jib, first in the new Type-S Series product line.

Developed and tested in the production field, this product was designed primarily to add high-end production value to productions utilizing HDV, DV, and Film cameras. The Type-S Jib is a tripod-mounted compact jib arm that allows the operator to boom the camera from ground level to maximum height and effortlessly pan the arm 360 degrees.

With no tools required for assembly, the Type-S Jib can be set and ready to shoot in less than 60 seconds (with practice). Thanks to the systems simplistic controls, even operators with no previous jib experience can quickly and easily get smooth, precise shots.

Adjustments to the Type-S Jib can be made at a moments notice, should the shooting location change.

Distinguishing features include:

- Smooth Tilting (up and down motion) can be performed with exacting precision while booming the arm in any direction or height without jolting or bouncing

- Ground level shots with no additional equipment or set-up

- Extreme upward or downward angles with one quick adjustment to the camera bed

- Jib weight - 19 lbs. (39 lbs. including custom Storm Case®)

- Camera weight capacity - dependent on tripod weight capacity

- Length of reach extending from 0 to 14 feet (depending on overall tripod height extension and jib configuration) with no additional tools or parts

- Adds smooth, professional movement in tight spaces (interviews, indoors, etc.)

The Type-S Jib is built with the highest regard for craftsmanship and durability to meet the rigorous demands of any production scenario. The Rhino Linings® coated aluminum body delivers lightweight durability and strength to its frame. Heavy duty stainless steel bearings and hardware components compliment its rugged construction. With no cables or electronic components, removing the possibility of mechanical failure, the Type-S Jib delivers consistent and predictable results - every time.

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j michael media, LLC is located in Longwood, FL and was established in 2006. Currently, the Type-S Jib is the first product in the Type-S product line. Other services include live broadcasted events, corporate video, stock footage, and our very own “Relax, Renew” television network.