SSL Equipped Studio Complex Services Commercial Clients and Extensive Educational Program

NEUSAESS/AUGSBURG, GERMANY – Vision Seven Media (VSM), a studio complex owned and operated by Vision Seven Media Group International, has installed a Solid State Logic AWS Console/Controller in its Control One. The complex services commercial music and audio for video production and post as well as the Vision Seven Media School of the Arts. The AWS provides VSM’s commercial clients with SSL’s SuperAnalogue™ sound quality, routing capabilities and DAW control, while providing an excellent teaching platform for students.

“The AWS is the work-horse and centerpiece of the studio facility,” says Joe Webb La Fontaine, director and owner of VSM. “The AWS efficiently runs the different DAW programs we use daily, which are mostly Pro Tools® with some Logic projects, without any problems. The console adapts easily and quickly to every situation we have thrown at it and the flexible routing and monitoring system just makes it a pleasure to work with for the engineering staff. Add to this the signature SSL sound quality and the console is just unbeatable.”

The Vision Seven Media School of the Arts offers comprehensive coursework covering all aspects of audio engineering; VO, ADR, graphic and web design, video and new media production as well as music, dance and theater performance.

“Our studio has a busy daily routine. We go from early morning classes on the AWS with students having hands-on experience learning about recording and mixing across all disciplines to afternoon and late night commercial client sessions that demand the very best quality,” La Fontaine explains. “Our students get to work on a console that is industry standard, while our commercial clients appreciate the workability of the AWS and really love the sound. Our creative arts school works under the concept of one-on-one, hands-on instruction and continues to be the key for success with our students. The straightforward design of the AWS enhances our hands-on approach making it the ideal tool to teach about traditional analogue signal flow and recording techniques combined with DAW control.”

The AWS is joined by three SSL X-Rack frames offering eight VHD mic pres, E-Series dynamics and E-Series EQ. An SSL X-Patch is incorporated to bring the extensive collection of high-end outboard gear into the AWS, while Alpha-Link and Delta-Link I/O connect to the resident DAW. The Control 2 mix room, a post production suite, a mastering room, pre-production room, graphics suite and soon to be completed sound stage/live performance space are interconnected using an XLogic Madi-X8 to maximize the utility of all the spaces and studios in the complex.

“We decided to build our facility around SSL equipment because of its reputation for excellent service, friendly support and industry leading equipment design,” says La Fontaine. “We cover such a wide range of applications that we needed to maximize our flexibility to efficiently utilize all our resources and SSL provides the console and support gear to do that. Our goal was to build a facility that encourages creativity and imagination, and the AWS has been an integral part of our equation.”

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