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LAS VEGAS (NAB, Booth # C6538), April 13, 2010 – For the first time, professional videographers and broadcasters can freely capture video in the field without that “looking over their shoulder” feeling when it comes to storage capacity.

That’s because Shining Technology, Inc. (, makers of the award-winning CitiDISK family of ultra-portable tapeless video recorders, today announced new one-terabyte and 512GB capacities in two of its models – an unheard of industry first. With these additions, Shining continues to stretch the HD video capture boundaries by offering video professionals the most compelling combination of ultra-portability, lightweight, storage capacity, features, performance and price on the market. Light on Weight, Heavy on Durability CitiDISK HD, a former NAB Best of Show Winner, will be available in capacities of up to one terabyte, the world’s first ultra-portable tapeless video recorder to cross this storage capacity threshold. One terabyte is ideal for HD-hungry footage – especially in field applications (capturing/storing 17.0 hours of HD content; 75.0 hours of SD content). CitiDISK HD is equipped with a hard drive optimized to capture and store video content and its casing is durably constructed with special shock absorption cushioning. It weighs only eight-ounces with a thin form factor, making it well-suited for mobile field applications. A mere six-ounces with an equally small frame, CitiDISK FlashMem is the industry’s first ultra-portable solid-state tapeless video recorder boasting a 512GB storage capacity. With no moving parts, flash memory offers even more stability to users in the most demanding production environments, such as high altitudes, extreme weather, heavy vibration and the like. With 512GB, CitiDISK FlashMem can capture and store 9.0 hours of HD footage and 38.0 hours of SD footage. “We’re seeing several shifts converge in the industry,” said Chris Wang, CEO, Shining Technology. “Video cameras continue getting better, more powerful and more complex. More video pros are moving from SD to HD full time. And those movements require massive video capture and storage capabilities, especially in mobile field applications where cost is always a factor. Shining is proud to continue breaking new ground for users worldwide.” Both models can be self-powered through a two-battery system (up to two hours internal and up to four hours external), and can also operate on AC power. CitiDISK easily attaches to virtually any FireWire-enabled video camera. The unit’s tapeless workflow saves videographers and editors countless hours of digitizing videotapes. Instead, they can “recapture” more creative and production time – particularly in the field. With CitiDISK, users seamlessly record their footage directly to digital video formats and access it immediately for editing (compatible with widely-used non-linear editing software packages, including Final Cut Pro, Avid, Canopus, Adobe, Matrox, Sony Vegas and Dayang Montage Extreme). In addition, through firmware updates by Shining, CitiDISK now encompasses the full range of DV in one model (HD or FlashMem version), making it the first ultra-portable recording device to capture all digital video formats – DV, HDV and DVCPro50/DVCProHD (compatible with Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Sony FireWire-enabled video cameras). Plus, with the higher cost and relatively lower storage capacities offered by other storage mediums, end users will benefit from other features like CitiDISK’s slave recording capability. This means recording can be triggered directly from the CitiDISK unit with or without additional media installed in the camera, such as P2 Cards or SxS Cards. Pricing & Availability CitiDISK HD is currently shipping worldwide in 120GB, 160GB, 250GB and 500GB capacities. Pricing ranges from MSRP of $895.00 to $1395.00 (US). Pricing and availability of the one-terabyte model will be announced later in 2010. CitiDISK FlashMem is currently shipping worldwide in 128GB and 256GB capacities. Pricing is MSRP $1395.00 and $1795.00 (US), respectively. Pricing and availability of the 512GB model will be announced later in 2010. A complete line of CitiDISK accessories is also available, including multiple mounting options. All products are available through Shining Technology’s international distribution network, accessible at About Shining Technology Founded in 1992, Shining Technology, Inc. ( is a Cypress, Calif.-based provider of cost-effective, high-performance and highly reliable computer peripherals. The company is moving to become a dominant player, with a primary focus on the data storage marketplace and has consistently been one of the leading suppliers of add-on storage products to the broadcast, video editing, portable and desktop computing markets. # # # CitiDISK is a registered trademark of Shining Technology, Inc. All other companies, product names and technologies are the trademarks, registered trademarks or other property of their respective owners. Product features, descriptions, specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.