"Tech In Your Ear"

To keep up with the times, cameras, switchers, routers and other production equipment have gotten smaller and less expensive, yet more fully featured than ever before. Technology is not going away, it’s getting smarter and better suited to what’s really needed in the field, in the studio, or wherever television is produced and distributed.

I regularly have conversations with vendors and broadcasters where we discuss what they are thinking as they try to navigate a highly competitive time. “Tech In Your Ear” is a new blog focusing on technology innovations (some still in prototype form) as well as vendors’ perspectives on how they are developing and bringing those solutions to the broadcast and content distribution customer.

Twice a week I’ll report on important information that could help you develop infrastructure plans and business models to achieve operational and financial success. I’m looking forward to hearing from our readers and encourage everyone to make this blog a platform for interactive discussion.

If you’re wondering about the latest industry buzz, that’s a “Tech In Your Ear.”